Glenn Beck, 9.1.2010: Re-education Camps Already In America (Universities)

Glenn starts this program with how we have approached the economic 'insanity stop' on the alert system as people like George Soros are moving their money into gold. He then goes on to explain a story about a tenured professor and a researcher from the University of California (San Diego) who want to 'dissolve America', and are using taxpayer dollars to achieve their goal.  Please be warned; duct tape needed. UCSD Professors: Dissolve U.S. — Give GPS Phones With Explicit Poetry to Illegals for Border Crossing
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AYFKM? No Singing Of The National Anthem At The Lincoln Memorial

(Only now are we seeing the blatant trail of the anti-American globalists in the upside-down world of Obama.) A group from the Young Americas Foundation while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on June 25th were so moved by the experience that they started singing the national anthem only to be told they had to stop by a member of the Park Service. Watch the latest video at Is it a surprise to anyone that Obama no longer holds the American flag in enough esteem to actually have it in the same room with him? I am still waiting to see…
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WHO And WHAT Is It Going To Take To Boot Obama?

He sat in a Black Liberation Theology church with Michelle (and his children) listening to Reverend Wright for 20 years. He started his political career in the living room of one of the founders of the Weather Underground who was responsible for domestic terrorism, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. He knocked his political opponents off the ballot in order to win. His wife said during the 2008 primary campaign, "For the first time in my life, I am proud of my country." He spoke about the new world order while giving a campaign speech to Germans. He spoke about "fundamentally…
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