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Ron Paul At SRLC, 4.10.2010

Obey the Constitution?  Outlaw deficits? Cut spending?  There goes Dr. Paul talking about common sense solutions again. Ron Paul covers numerous topics from Obama being a corporatist to the healthcare edict's mandate. To see the entire thirty minutes speech, hit the link for Patriot's Network. And as a bonus, here is the link for Andrew Breitbart's eighteen minute speech at SRLC.
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Andrew Breitbart Offers $100K For Proof Of Tea Party Racism

Andrew Breitbart speaking at the Searchlight Tea Party on Saturday about the Democrat Party trying desperately to marginalize 'the juggernaut' of the tea parties and the $100 Grand he has offered for proof of our racism. On a totally related and racist note: The Rage Is Not About Health Care In fact, the current surge of anger — and the accompanying rise in right-wing extremism — predates the entire health care debate. The first signs were the shrieks of “traitor” and “off with his head” at Palin rallies as Obama’s election became more likely in October 2008. Those passions have…
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Glenn Beck, 2.12.2010: Youth Being Targeted By Progressives

Progressives are using the young as 'useful idiots' to try to brainwash us (the older generation) to go along with the progressive agenda.  Glenn starts out with Megan McCain talking about the tea party movement, and a piece from BarackObama dot com where 20 somethings tell their parents how stupid they are. Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Andrew Breitbart: Part 6, Andrew Breitbart continued:
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