America Has Been Targeted For The Sin Of Being Free

My readers know that I am impressed with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), not only for his values, but for the unusual amount of little grey cells firing on all cylinders inside a District Of Criminals’ representative’s cranium.  (Now that could change if McCotter has a “Come To Obama” moment and throws over his moral compass.)

Rep. McCotter gave a speech at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend regarding the military and their families.  Although I believe that a shadowy group of figures are moving chess pieces on a global board to gain control of all the dwindling resources in the world, (with the control of human labor), I do agree that we are despised by certain governments because we give their people hope of overthrowing their oppressors.  What interesting events may occur on the global stage when we clean out the District of Criminals and start an American Renaissance?

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