Nothing To See Here; Move Along…

Nothing To See Here; Move Along…

I spoke with a few folks today to let them know that the situation with Egypt is the trigger for all sorts of global nastiness that is already impacting us here in the U.S. (The price of gas here has gone up ten cents in four days.)  I do believe that I actually stated that we had gone over the cliff, were in freefall, and had not yet hit the rocks below.  That part is going to really suck when the ground finally reaches up for us.  Are your first-aid kits stocked?

It appears that I may be correct while reading the following linked story from the AP which states top level envoys from almost all of our embassies throughout the world have been called by Hillary to a ‘first of it’s kind’ global pow-wow at the State Department on Monday.

Clinton convenes mass meeting of US ambassadors

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