AIG Bonuses

Today’s AYFKM? Award: Senator Chuck Grassley

...for being so black-hearted as to say that AIG representatives should resign or commit suicide.  What about, "the people who are in part responsible for the collapse of AIG should not accept their bonuses"; how about that Senator Grassley?  I am wondering exactly how those executives feel?  I am sure there are more than a few that are already shamed and cannot sleep at night, and now Senator Grassley thinks it would be a good idea for them to kill themselves, possibly making some soul-less losers feel better, and depriving the executives' families of their loved ones.  This is a…
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The Continuing AIG Saga

Remember when TARP 1 was supposed to be used to ease the credit crunch and free up money for small businesses?  Remember when AIG was considered too big to fail? Now that $186 Billion Dollar Fiasco continues. A timeline is in order, and I ask that you read this until you understand it. It is time to stop skimming and skipping.  What is happening to our country is going on because we have told ourselves that the economic aspects of our lives are just too damn complex to understand.  We have allowed people outside ourselves to brainwash us into thinking…
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