Cheney On Obama & Afghanistan

Politico interviewed Cheney about Obama’s upcoming speech on Afghanistan.  It always p*sses me off that politicians become more truthful when they are no longer in office.  I will be posting about Obama’s excellent ability to vote “present” (and you know that’s what he is going to do), after his messianic broadcast later today.

Dick Cheney slams President Obama for projecting ‘weakness’

MCLEAN, Va. — On the eve of the unveiling of the nation’s new Afghanistan policy, former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed President Barack Obama for projecting “weakness” to adversaries and warned that more workaday Afghans will side with the Taliban if they think the United States is heading for the exits.

In a 90-minute interview at his suburban Washington house, Cheney said the president’s “agonizing” about Afghanistan strategy “has consequences for your forces in the field.”

“I begin to get nervous when I see the commander in chief making decisions apparently for what I would describe as small ‘p’ political reasons, where he’s trying to balance off different competing groups in society,” Cheney said.

“Every time he delays, defers, debates, changes his position, it begins to raise questions: Is the commander in chief really behind what they’ve been asked to do?”

CodePink Turns Red Over Obama And Afghanistan


Here, let me just pick myself up off the floor where I just cannot stop laughing at Medea Benjamin, who it appears, got it into her head that she could “change” another person.  BWWWWAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel very sorry for Medea and the rest of the CodePinkers that see the world through the filter of their “peacefulness”. They will never understand that everybody is on their own journey, and some of them are not as peaceful as the rest of us.  I am sure she will take something away from Bambi’s speech today to give her “renewed hope”.  I want to see if she uses that same expression at some point in the very near future.

Your Daily Glenn Beck; 11.24.09: Barack, The Great Deliberator

Glenn has given Bambi a new title, The Great Deliberator, since he is continuing to be a pantywaist on Afghanistan.  Glenn also calls out this administration and this congress over pulling the rug out from under our troops with their politics of wealth redistribution through a war tax, and the Navy SEALs who are being prosecuted for assault in the case of the terrorist mastermind who killed 4 Blackwater USA security guards.

He also interviews Niall Ferguson (Part 4) about the unsustainability of our debt.

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“It’s My Intention To Finish The Job”, Obama On Afghanistan

DO NOT ASSUME from the words spoken from the Spineless-In-Chief that he is going to work toward achieving a victory in Afghanistan; rather he is “intending to finish the job” which, in Obamaworld, could mean walking away.  Remember, he stated that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America, and considering how that seems to be working out, I continue to think that he is going to pull our troops out and let the terrorists have the mountains, the goats, and the poppies to the detriment of our national interests, our allies, and the entire Middle East.

Obama on Afghanistan strategy: ‘It is my intention to finish the job’

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he will announce his strategy for Afghanistan after Thanksgiving.

“My intention is to finish the job,” Obama said in comments from the White House.

“I think once the American people hear a clear rationale for what we’re doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals, they will be supportive,” Obama said.

The president hinted that the U.S. had lost focus on the mission and not provided adequate strategy or resources to the region, a theme from his presidential campaign. He said it is in the strategic interest of the U.S. to target al-Qaeda and its allies to “dismantle and degrade their capabilities and ultimately destroy their networks.”

This may be a hint that the president will send additional troops to a country where the U.S. has been embroiled in war for more than eight years. Obama also appeared to give a nod to weakening support for a  war that, according to polls, is no longer though winnable by a majority of the public.

Mitt Romney Vs. David Axelrod on Afghanistan

While speaking Friday night to a group of young conservatives, Mitt Romney made some scathing (but incredibly truthful) remarks about the pResident’s lack of strategy on the Afghanistan war and the apparent lack of concern for our troops.  It appears that those remarks hit the bulls-eye as David Axelrod had to run out to CNN’s John King this morning to verbally stumble through an attack rebutt those comments.

Romney accuses Obama of not protecting troops

WASHINGTON (CNN)– Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivered a scathing criticism of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy Friday night, accusing the president of delivering rhetoric and not action in the war-torn country.

Quoting from a speech Obama delivered in March, Romney agreed with the president “that ‘we are in Afghanistan to confront a common enemy that threatens the United States, our friends and allies.”‘ Romney continued on seconding the president: “I believe ‘that to succeed, we and our friends and allies must reverse the Taliban’s gains, and promote a more capable and accountable Afghan government.'”

But Romney went on to criticize Obama for not holding enough meetings with top generals, and inadequately preparing for the elections in Afghanistan.

“The President has held his job for 10 months but does not yet have a strategy,” Romney said during his speech before the Young America’s Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. “What has he been doing that is more important than protecting the lives of the troops of which he is Commander-in-Chief? He has been campaigning- rallying at phony town meetings and making over 30 campaign stops for fellow Democrats. This President’s inattention and dereliction remind me of those Northwest Airlines pilots who were so distracted from their jobs that they lost their way. But in this case, the consequences are far more severe.”

“This is a president who is learning on the fly,” Romney said. “He’s never turned anything around before. He hasn’t had the experience of leading a nation or a business or a state in trouble. And the first rule I can tell him is focus, focus, focus. “

Mr. Romney?  Barack Obama is focused, just not on anything that resembles helping America.

David Axelrod, CNN’s State of The Union: 11.15.09:

I know that Governor Romney has never had responsibility for any decision akin to this, and so he may just not be familiar with all that it entails…

David? Neither does Barack Obama…’nuff said.

Robert Gates Goes To NATO

A VERY POLITICAL White House is fiddling around with the lives of American soldiers making them sitting ducks while they try to stall whatever decision they are going to make about increasing troop levels in the Afghanistan theatre, in the hopes of not pissing anybody else off while they are trying to get dems elected, the socialist takeover of healthcare, and whatever else is on their fascist agenda without political complications from the war.

Robert Gates has gone to NATO to pressure Bambi into a decision before this war goes anymore sideways, and now Obama really does look like a politically motivated and marketed, choking coward, (again!).

Gates Heads to NATO Meeting to Discuss Afghanistan (10.22.09)

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 22, 2009 – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today he’s headed to a NATO defense ministers meeting in Slovakia confident there’s enough to discuss about Afghanistan even without a U.S. decision on the strategy there.

Gates also said he’s close to making his own decision about the best way forward. “I am moving into my personal decision phase,” he said, borrowing a phrase from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

The secretary spoke during a joint news conference with South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae Young, after which he boarded a plane for a NATO defense ministers meeting in the Slovak capital of Bratislava.

The discussions in Bratislava will focus on far more than just troop numbers, Gates said, noting that the assessment provided recently by Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, dealt with other issues as well.

“General McChrystal has identified a number of needs in his assessment on which there is agreement,” Gates said. These range from civilian development to governance to training support for the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.

“So I think there is ample for us to discuss, going forward, that is completely independent of how many additional troops the president — and frankly, other members of the alliance — may decide to send,” he said.

NATO Defense Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort (10.23.09)

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — NATO defense ministers gave their broad endorsement Friday to the counterinsurgency strategy for Afghanistan laid out by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, increasing pressure on the Obama administration and on their own governments to commit more military and civilian resources to the mission.

General McChrystal, the senior American and allied commander in Afghanistan, landed here early Friday to brief NATO defense ministers on his strategic review of an eight-year war in which the American-led effort has lost momentum to a tenacious insurgency. The closed-door session — which had not been disclosed in advance — added a note of drama to the sort of NATO ministerial meeting that is often mundane.

“What we did today was to discuss General McChrystal’s overall assessment, his overall approach, and I have noted a broad support from all ministers of this overall counterinsurgency approach,” said NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Although the broad acceptance by NATO defense ministers of General McChrystal’s strategic review included no decision on new troops, it was another in a series of judgments that success there cannot be achieved by a narrower effort that calls for not increasing troop levels substantially and focuses more on capturing and killing terrorists linked to Al Qaeda. That counterterrorism strategy is identified with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

So the question that has been rolling around everybody’s head and is completely unspoken is this; “When is the military going to step up?”

(P.S. Please keep your comments clean and intelligent – no ranting – remember who reads this site!)

Daily Glenn Beck; 9.24.09: Which Side Are We On?

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn; have you not figured out yet that you are just another bug like the rest of us that His Holiness, The One is NOT paying any attention too?  Do you not remember the very first “Let Them Eat Cake” moment when he told the republicans in OUR HOUSE that “we won”?  Do you really think a resident that flies in pizzas, has his empress move a farmer’s market a block from the WH so as to allow her to go grocery shopping for organic Tuscan Kale in style with a motorcade, blocking off streets, tying up police and secret service, and goes on vacation while the real breadwinners in this country, the middle class loses their savings, their jobs, and then their homes, gives a crap about what you think?  This man appears to be born, bred, and brainwashed into thinking he deserves this, and nothing you do or say is going to change all those years of training.

You are asking questions of a brick wall that appears to have a complete un-American and un-Constitutional agenda to dismantle our country with his executive orders including the sealing of his records, his absorption of the banking industry, his absorption of the car companies, his appointments of tax evaders, his DOJ CIA witchhunt, his HHS gag order, his apology tour, his throwing of Israel under the bus, his agreement to sit down with terrorist dictators without preconditions, etc., etc., etc., (and that’s only a small list of the decisions he has made after he was sworn into office…)

The only way we can save our country is to take his power away ASAP and that means flipping the entire Congress as their individual races come up whether in 2010 or beyond.  Then we find someone in the House of Representatives that has some cajones left and we start a full investigation of the emperor that has no clothes, and then impeachment procedures.  If our Congress can go after a philandering president, what can they do with a resident that is so connected to ACORN, SEIU, etc. and their very interesting tactics to achieve their ends?

If OUR HOUSE is full of patriots turning their backs on him and upholding their oaths to the Constitution, he will become invisible, and for this particular politician, that would be a fate worse than death.

Let Them Eat Cake, my ***.  I would make a better president…I have at least read and understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and I always try to do what is right, no matter how hard it may be.

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