AYFKM?!!!: Welcome To The Fourth Reich, Arrested For Dancing At Jefferson Memorial

One MUST realize that the future of the Republic is most definitely in our hands when dancing (can anyone say ‘free of  expression’) at the Jefferson Memorial gets one arrested. Adam Kokesh had a choke hold used against him in the process of being arrested for dancing (3 minute mark). Watch as a couple is arrested for slow dancing without music and how the memorial is closed and everyone is herded out (especially those with cameras).  One man continues to speak loudly about freedom of expression and speech though he is told to shut up continually and finally the park police take him away from the view of onlookers and cameras.  Can’t let the moos hear a true message.

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The New Winter Soldiers; Are You One?

Are our Constitutional Leaders emerging? You decide… Adam Kokesh in Washington, D.C.; July 12th,  2008, American Revolution Rally: “We must embrace the opportunity to resist civilly while we still can.” For better sound quality of this speech, go here. Since this speech, Adam Kokesh has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress, Ron Paul … Read more

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