9.12 March On Washington DC

Tito The Builder: “I Was Made In The U.S.A. (Full Transcript, 9.12 March)

(Editor's Note: The Monster is undergoing regular maintenance, and will be receiving a face-lift soon to start "Operation: Clean Sweep" as we prepare for the first salvo in the restoration of our great republic.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.) Tito "The Builder" Munoz gave a speech at the 9.12 March on D.C. this past Saturday and it is amazing.  He begins his speech by putting away his prepared remarks saying that he isn't Obama and doesn't need it.  You know it's gonna be good when a speech comes from the heart. (more…)
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A Few Thoughts From Lloyd Marcus – American!

A few thoughts about racism from Lloyd Marcus, the singer/songwriter for the Tea Party Express Theme: I traveled on the Tea Party Express tour bus as a singer/songwriter, entertainer and spokesperson; 16 states, 34 rallies in two weeks. I experienced vicious racial verbal attacks, not from the tea party protesters. The racial hate expressed against me all came from the left, people who support president Obama's radial socialist agenda. Unfortunately, my deleted email box is littered with numerous messages expressing the following, “You are the dumbest self hating f****** n***** I have ever seen!” These racists are outraged by my…
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These Pics Don’t Lie; 2 Million At D.C. March?

(H/T Kathy for the photo link) No one seems to know, or want to report how many people were at the DC march this past weekend.  Due to the generosity of my readers, I was there, and I think there was maybe just a few more than just 10's of thousands.  Click on the photo to enlarge it. 912dc.org has started a photo archive on flickr (use tag 912DC in the search if the link does not work) here. I have heard reports ranging from 100,000 to 2.1 million.  When I can find an accurate source, I will report it…
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