Navy SEALs Defense Fund & Rally (UPDATED)

Navy SEALs Defense Fund & Rally (UPDATED)

(Update at bottom)

I just received an email stating that the defense fund for the Navy SEALs that are currently being prosecuted for allegedly “gut-punching” a known terrorist after his capture is up and running.  Check out the related links at the bottom of the post if you need to catch up on the story.


is ready to accept donations.

Please send donations to U.S. Navy SEAL/Warrior Defense Fund,
Acct. #435020290711 c/o Bank of America P.O. Box F Ft. Eustis, VA 23604

DONATIONS CAN ALSO BE MADE AT ANY BANK OF AMERICA with the Fund name and account number.

Donations will be used to defray legal costs and expenses of the 3 Navy SEALs charged with abusing the mastermind of the March 2004 torture and mutilation of the security guards (former SEALs and Army Rangers) in Falluja. We will continue to maintain this fund and accept donations to be used for any SEAL or special operator charged with combat-related infractions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

(201) 803-1374

Elyse A. Buongiorno
Eagles UP!
President/Board Member

Here is the information on the rally for the SEALs on 12.07.09:

Dec 7 Navy SEALs Courts-Martial PROTEST – Norfolk Virginia
Type: Causes – Protest
Network: Global
Date: Monday, December 7, 2009
Time: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Naval Station Norfolk
City/Town: Norfolk, VA

It has been relayed to me that the best location for us to assemble would be outside of the Norfolk Naval Base Gate 5 at the intersection of Hampton Blvd 337 & B Avenue. From all indications it looks like this is where most of the protests / rallies take place. The other gate that was an option is Gate 3A at the intersection of 1st Avenue & Bellinger Blvd just off where Admiral Taussig Blvd intersects with 564. Right now, I’m going forward with Gate 5 on our permit along the sidewalk right in front of the blue Naval Station sign; however, if anyone out there has a better suggestion, let me know right now because we’ll have it set in stone fairly. Also, we are trying to nail down the parking situation, but if you have input, please let me know. Looks like there are several large public lots close to the area. Once again, thanks for your support. Josh


UPDATE: 12.03.09

There are many different individuals attending this rally – from every day Americans to various organizations and groups.
Below please find the finalized information regarding time, date and place that everyone has been looking for.
Why: Show your support for our Navy SEALs, their families and our military serving throughout the globe

When: Dec 7th, 2009 Pearl Harbor Day

Where: Gate 5 of the Base, Norfolk, Va Hampton Blvd and B Street.

Time: 7 am until noonish? Depending on how many citizens show up…. a PEACEFUL RALLY for support is the optimal goal.  The media will be there to share with those that can not make it.

NOTE: All that wish to attend and show their support:

You have chosen to attend this event in support of our Navy Seals.  Please do so in a peaceful manner. History has proven that our local Norfolk Police Dept has been very happy with any civil rally, specially when supporting our military.  Remember to thank the Police Officers for being there and for the hard work that they do for us as citizens as well.  Simply, put a smile on their face.
You must provide your own transportation.  Several shopping centers have bus lines up and down Hampton Blvd. There is even a large parking lot on Hampton Blvd so car pooling might not be a bad idea, they will likely fill up quickly.
Before leaving, please take a look around you for garbage and be sure clean up your signs & trash when you leave.
We are looking forward to Monday being a PEACEFUL, SUPPORTIVE message for our Military, specially these three young men and their families.

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