SHOCK: Selling His Vote Has Tanked Ben Nelson’s Numbers

The bad news for Ben Nelson?  Nebraskans and the rest of America are not going to forget the prostituting of a U.S. Senator’s vote on health care.  There could be 10 years between now and Nelson’s next re-election bid and Nebraskans will not forget considering they are even more opposed to Obamacare than voters nationally. … Read more SHOCK: Selling His Vote Has Tanked Ben Nelson’s Numbers

An Open Letter To The RNC

I was honored to be asked for some thoughts about the 2010 elections.  What follows is the open letter to the RNC letting them know the shifting sands they are standing on, and why. Please feel free to add any additional thoughts for the RNC in comments.  You know they are reading it. An Open … Read more An Open Letter To The RNC

Mitch McConnell Dithers Over Repealing Obamacare

Commit Mitch, Commit!  How hard would it be to just say “Republicans will campaign on repealing Obamacare and every other piece of liberal legislation that is bankrupting our country.”  How hard would that be?  When are the republicans going to stop being such political pantywaists?

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