It's Bad When The Canadians Are Dissing Ya.

I ran across this article and thought y'all might be interested in how the perception of our election is being reflected around the world. I also thought it might be best to reprint all of it - not something I usually do. And for the record, I am in independent and I don't think that all Democrats believe what follows - only the Obamabots. is as stupid doesDemocrats Continue to Make Fools of Themselves By JB Williams Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Allow me to begin by stating for the record that I realize how politically incorrect it is to single…
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This award is going to Barbara Walters on The View today when she asked Michelle Obama whether or not she wears pantyhose?Excuse me? Pardon me? WTF!!!! Who gives a flying supersecretsquirrel's bushy little tail? WHO?Don't we have more important things to do Ladies? I do believe this is the reason that today's The View was only the second time I have watched this pathetic show. Don't know how to respond or talk about "strong women"? wonder, if all we see on TV is this drivel.
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This Would Be The 1st "Hele On" Award.

In keeping with the attitude that if you aren't laughing, then you are probably gonna be crying; I am starting the "Hele On" Award. This award goes to those people out there that are going to be doing things the stupid way in spite of warnings and advice. Hele On is a hawaiian slang term for "get on with your bad self". is today's Hele On Award!!! To The Borg Consortium and The Unity Pony!!!"Two Muslim women at Barack Obama's rally in Detroit Monday were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women's…
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