Monster Message: Site Housekeeping

Aloha All!  I know that many readers are having issues with the site, even before I changed the theme last night.  What appears to be a combination of factors is requiring me to do some very intensive site housekeeping later today and this evening in hopes of correcting the problems the Monster is experiencing.  Many of these issues are due to the hacking my host received in the last few weeks.

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A Message For The House & Senate

Dear House and Senate members who are increasingly doing fly-bys of the Monster, Please stay awhile and tell all your banker, insurance and DOD contractor buddies to pull up a chair.  You may actually learn just exactly how exasperated we are with you, and then you will have the choice of what is sure to … Read more A Message For The House & Senate

The Gun To Our Heads….

The Monster is no longer angry; The Monster is resolved. After 8 years of President Bush’s crazed leadership, the country has now elected another loser, and upgraded the type of firearm being held to the country’s proverbial head.  If every other American wants to close their eyes, put their hands in the air and believe … Read more The Gun To Our Heads….

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