It’s Been 3 Years Since My Last Real Post And I’m STILL Saying Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?!!

It’s Been 3 Years Since My Last Real Post And I’m STILL Saying Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me?!!

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that Congress is attempting to give themselves a $50K a year raise while giving illegal aliens $1800 and taxpaying American citizens $600; but HOLY BEJESUS, Nancy should be charged with the attempted murder of millions of Deplorables by heart attack!

Her INSANE omnibus spending bill (that had to be written by think tanks since the Great Shut Down in March) is 5500 pages long and I.Am.Sure we have not read the worst of it yet.

The Monster Is Back And Tapping Her Foot…

Nothing ever changes with these f*ckers, except 2020 is really 20/20. Cocaine Mitch (in my humble opinion) is taking strict orders from 45 to let Nan have her way and expose every single anti-American Demon thru their UNBELIEVABLE GREED. THEY KNOW the screw is coming to an end. It’s the only explanation for Mitch getting hundreds of judges thru in 3-1/2 years, then congratulating the CCP asset for his electoral college win, and lickety split passing a $2.3 TRILLION spending bill that is one monetary insult after another.

Just A Sampling Of The Insults

I personally think that everybody should take that $600 or whatever measly amount of our great, great, great grandchildrens’ income they are deigning to throw our way and use it to buy more firearms; that being the plan here at Monster HQ.

Today, I ran across Seth Holehouse of Man In America and the following video. I suggest new visitors watch it in it’s entirety to understand what we are up against. He covers all the important parts in a rather short amount of time. So many of us were shouting research at the tops of our lungs for so long about the globalists; finally, 20/20 is exposing them. It’s almost a badge of honor to be a conspiracy theorist now.

In other news; since the great shutdown for the plandemic created by Gates and Fauci and sent by the CCP, I have been hustling to find whatever work I can (since in my very blue state, my UI bennies went to Nigeria; only to become kickbacks). I and my family are doing okay at the moment, and we are watching the movie that has been a little over 3 years in the making start to unfold. I have to tell you that I personally am grinning like a maniac watching the panic of the demons on display. I am also very choked up at the possibility that we may see the demise of the DS in our lifetimes.

I am also very happy to be back! I know this is what I am supposed to be doing; either here or somewhere closer to the power center. I am planning on starting a podcast, and have thrown up the usual donate buttons for those that want to cast some cash my way. I really do appreciate it, but I have been in this WAR for the duration; I just couldn’t keep beating a dead horse waiting for the world to catch up to the patriots. Now they have joined the fight!!

In the meantime, MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS’ to each and every one of my readers, American Patriots, World Patriots, and the 1st Family!!!

I love you all, and 2021 is going to be a GLORIOUS YEAR!! Let’s Rock!

Message From The Monster; The Reason For My Continued Absence

Message From The Monster; The Reason For My Continued Absence

Loyal Readers and Friends,

I must apologize for my absence since my family’s move back to the mainland, and I want my readers to know that I am still here, but unable to post daily as I am desperately working on an exit plan out of the seventh circle of hell.  Without going into every gory detail, please know that two months ago our lives were threatened by a family member who suffers from various addictions and who has completely lost control of their decision making processes and actions.  In short, a sociopath that believes their own version of reality.  This person’s campaign to destroy my spousal unit continues, and daily life, as we all know it, no longer exists.

I ask for your understanding and your patience.  I am not taking the site down, and will pick up the pen as soon as I am able to put my gun down.  I know how crazy it sounds, and if somebody had told me 8 months ago that my life would be what it is now, I would have told them they were absolutely insane.  I have had to suspend my disbelief and my normalcy bias…

It is what it is.  I will be back as soon as I can.

I ask for your prayers.






Message From The Monster; The Reason For My Continued Absence

A Monster Update

Aloha Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am gainfully employed now and that was the reason for my absence this past week.  I would also like to thank the two contributors that have donated to the upkeep of the site as there were some added costs this past month.  Most people do not realize that this site is on a dedicated server for security reasons and that I take care of that bill out of my own pocket each month, as I do not wish to put ads all over the site.  So, once again, thanks to all who have donated in the past and those who are still contributing to the upkeep of the Monster. (more…)

The Monster Is Making A Move

The Monster Is Making A Move

My deepest apologies for being gone so long.  Many of my readers know that I live in the Hawaiian islands and have done so for many years.  They also know that I am relentless when researching a topic and, typically, not a quitter. Living here has created many challenges and afforded some opportunities not likely to occur on the mainland.  Yet, there comes a time when a person has to ask themselves whether they are willing to ride out an economic storm that could last decades (thanks Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, Congress, etc.) or go where the opportunities are?


For those that may not be aware, the Hawaiian economy ecosystem suffers shocks to the mainland economy first, those consequences last longer, are more intense, and full economic recovery takes years longer than on the mainland.  For example, the first time I had my hours at my job lessened was back in 2006; a full two years before the stock market tanked in 2008.  When that occurred, I circled the wagons, got rid of as much debt as possible, cut down my monthly household overhead, and started saving as much money as I could.   The spousal unit and I have held on through numerous job and layoff cycles since 2008, up until 11 months ago when I was downsized and my husband got laid off yet again.  If it wasn’t for the generous hearts of the owners of the unit that we rent, we would have been living on the beach months ago.


Two weeks ago, my husband was laid off for the third time in 11 months and we came to the conclusion that the little bump in the economy some months ago was the warning bell of the disaster that we have been foreseeing for years.  After 6 years of holding on by our fingernails, it’s time to stop limping along being rats trapped in a cage fighting over dwindling resources as the cost of everything skyrockets. (Try $18.99 for a 2lb can of Maxwell House coffee).   It only took the spousal unit a week to find new employment on the mainland and another week for us to decide a time-frame for moving the rest of the family back.


Which brings me to my plea for a bit of help. There isn’t any hope in hell of coming up with $10K minimum to just ship our belongings.  We are selling everything we have worked our butts off for the last decade to just get off this island and be able to eat more than one meal a day, sleep at night, and watch our child grow to their full potential.   ” Then what’s the problem?”, you may ask.  Answer: there might not be enough disposable income left inside this particular island’s economy to buy our treasures for more than just a song.


We need your help; even if it’s only $5, $10 or $25 so that I can get my family moved back to the mainland and be able to focus on more important issues like ‘WHAT THE HELL IS THE FED AND BIG SIS UP TO NOW?’


Please think about it, and if you can donate, please do.


Many Mahalos,




And for those that don’t believe it’s that bad…

You Will Not Believe What Some People Are Willing To Do For A Paycheck These Days

It is absolutely amazing what some people will do to make a living in this economy.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we have not seen this kind of desperation for jobs in America since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  What some people are willing to put up with just to bring home a paycheck these days will totally shock you.  For example, would you slaughter dogs all day long even though you are really a dog lover?  Would you personally train your replacement from China even though you knew he was about to take your job?  Would you trade sex for a job?  There are people out there actually doing all these things and worse.  Every night in America, millions upon millions of people roll around endlessly in their beds and stare at their ceilings for hours because they can’t sleep.  They are sick to their stomachs because their money is gone and nobody will hire them.  They can’t provide even the basics for their families and they feel worthless.  Unemployment can be absolutely soul crushing and it can suck the life right out of you.  Things were supposed to be better by now, but they aren’t.  The month after Barack Obama took office the unemployment rate broke the 8 percent barrier and it has stayed above it ever since.  But the truth is that the “official” unemployment number greatly understates the real amount of suffering that is going on out there.  In reality, the percentage of working age Americans that have jobs is lower today than when the last recession ended.  There are millions upon millions of Americans that are desperate for some hope, and there is no hope on the horizon.  In fact, things are going to be getting a whole lot worse for the U.S. economy.

Monster Message, 5.11.2011: ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

Monster Message, 5.11.2011: ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

Aloha all,

I have just found an interesting thread that will be taking me down the rabbit hole for a bit. I’ll check in here on earlier posts so that you know I am still wandering the labyrinth. If you need to get in touch, use the ‘Contact Page’ at the top of the blog. Stay safe all!!

Monster Message, 3.1.2011

Monster Message, 3.1.2011

Loyal readers, as you may have noticed by an absence of posts, I have yet again (and thankfully because we are all numb to the daily BS being thrown at us) fallen down a more than a bit interesting rabbit hole and will have something today or tomorrow concerning money, finances, and the globalists’ frontman, George Soros.  …But you know how this goes, it could be a series of articles considering the wandering of the labyrinth and the cast of characters involved.

Stay tuned.

Mahalo, Diamond

Monster Message: Still Kicking

I wanted to let my readers know that I am still here but have finally become gainfully employed and have a schedule that is currently all over the map.  I am following the diversion of Wikileaks, the Federal Reserve Mafia’s attempt to control a bubble they created, the puppet pResident making secret trips to the heroin capital of the world while taking orders from his wife, TSA’s continued antics and Big Sis’ enlistment of the senior citizen police at Wal-mart to keep track of anybody that looks different.  I just have not had time to sit down and write, but will be making a return in the next few days.  And yes, the ‘Moment of Truth’ proposal was ridiculous and I am glad it was voted down.  Am I surprised they tried to shove it through in one day before we could find out everything in it?  Nope….nothing surprises me anymore.  I am sure you feel the same.

Many mahalos for your continued support.


(P.S.  I couldn’t let the Wal-Mart story go by without some comments.   The answers are contained within.)

Monster Messages: Stay Tuned

Monster Messages: Stay Tuned

It appears that you folks are not going to let me go, and I thank you for the outpouring of support and encouragement.  I will be coming back soon as soon as I get a handle on current events in my life.  I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sick of Obama recreating 1939 Germany, sick of this government using the Constitution as a bathroom accessory, and sick to death of economically hanging on by my fingernails.  It is going to stop.

I will start posting again when I am able to focus and give my readers 100%. Stay tuned.  I’ll be back.

(P.S. Everybody wave to DHS)

Monster Messages: Stay Tuned

Good Night And Good Luck (UPDATED)

Update: The Dame has written the verbal bitchslap to Americans that I would never write, and I thank her wholeheartedly for it. Canary in the Coal Mine: Latest Casualty

Dear Monster Readers,

It is with the deepest gratitude for the journey that we have shared that I wish to inform the thousands of Monster readers that the curtain on this site is coming down.  Truly dark events are about to occur and running this site is a luxury I can no longer afford as a tsunami of economic terrorism is about to hit us.   Yes, the economic situation is entirely more dire than most people realize, even ‘alarmists’ like Glenn Beck.  I have to devote every single moment to making sure my family survives.

As many of you know, I live in Hawaii which is the only state in the union comprised completely of islands and is regulated by the Jones Act that requires union labor on all ships.  Not only is Hawaii’s economy based on tourism that will continue to take a hit from the gestapo tactics of the TSA, but everything on this island runs on crude oil that is shipped here.  Hawaii has the highest per kilowatt rate in the nation; a staggering .33 cents.  Considering the fact that this democrat controlled state garners massive donations from the unions, the rates for everything will continue to skyrocket here as not one single representative of this state will put forward legislation exempting Hawaii from the unions’ stranglehold.  When inflation finally hits the mainland, we will already have been underwater for months.  Many of you may have seen the $14.19, 2 pound can of coffee a month ago.  That price has been in place for months.  What do you think is going to happen when a barrel of oil costs $100, $150 or higher?  Ben Bernanke’s QE2 may only cause a slight ripple through the lives of mainlanders, but for families here in Hawaii, the first round of QE has already been devastating.

I have spent months attempting to grow this site into a self-sustaining endeavor only to see one researched story after another end up on bigger sites, or worse yet, important stories like the Fed’s new Office of Financial Research be totally ignored.  Though I am happy that the message has gotten out and America is waking up, I have had to accept the fact that America will not compensate me for the time and effort invested.  I must act accordingly as I am still unemployed and competing for an ever dwindling pool of jobs.  My family needs food and a roof over their heads, and America has been well trained to shamelessly accept a free lunch.

I would like to profoundly thank the five individuals that have stood by the Monster and put their money where their mouths are by sponsoring this site for the last year.  You are all heroes in my book, and the message has gotten out because of you!  I have faith that more Americans will follow your lead in the future and support the alternative media where they find excellent content.

I will be moving as much of this site onto the original site so that the information will still be out on the web until Congress and the FCC shut us all down.

I will never be Edward R. Murrow but I believe his closing words are very appropriate;

Good night and good luck.

…and Thank You!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happiest of Halloweens! Enjoy!

Beck made the comment the other day about not believing that candidates for this election cycle have been campaigning for two whole years now.  A few of us saw what was coming after trying to educate a sleeping public about Chairman Zero, and the tragedy that was about to occur when he turned the country upside-down and shook it unmercifully.  After that election, we immediately took up the duty of waking up the giant and flipping this congress in the rapidly approaching mid-terms.

Everybody is a little more than toasty around the edges; definitely deserving of a couple days off (except for those constitutional conservatives running for office), and a mental and emotional break from a long and brutal campaign before we take up the mantle yet again to make sure the republicans don’t turn RINO Progressive on us.

In keeping with that thought, LM is going to look different yet again since the giant is definitely awake and the tsunami needs to continue.  Enjoy the Halloween theme, eat lots of candy (because it’ll piss Mishy off and the chocolate will definitely make you feel better), smile at many children because it’s contagious, and be thankful we made it this far.

I will see you all in a few days.


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