Paul Craig Roberts, 10.14.2010 (InfoWars MoneyBomb)

Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and the father of ‘Reaganomics‘. In this interview, he details the changes in the American economic and political landscape that are aiding the ‘Decline of the American Empire‘.

  • Loss of the American middle class through lack of jobs that have been off-shored.
  • America has lost the law that ‘protects the innocent from the power of government’; losing civil liberties with the rise of the police state.
  • Collection of dictatorial power in the Executive branch to the exclusion of the Legislative and Judicial branches.

Part 1:


The Real Basis Of American Eugenics

The Real Basis Of American Eugenics

Edwin Black, Author

Meet Edwin Black, an award winning investigative journalist with numerous published books about the ‘how’ of genocide by exposing the true instigators behind the deaths of millions.  I stumbled upon him listening to a Catherine Austin Fitts interview that I will post about our ‘Tapeworm Economy’ as soon as it becomes available.

A short excerpt from his site:

Edwin Black is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling and international investigative author of 71 award-winning editions in 14 languages in 61 countries, as well as scores of newspaper and magazine articles in the leading publications of the United States, Europe and Israel. With a million books in print, his work focuses on genocide and hate, corporate criminality and corruption, governmental misconduct, academic fraud, philanthropic abuse, oil addiction, alternative energy and historical investigation. Editors have submitted Black’s work ten times for Pulitzer Prize nomination, and in recent years he has been the recipient of a series of top editorial awards.

Mr. Black’s books include: IBM and the Holocaust, The Transfer Agreement, War Against the Weak, Banking on Baghdad, Internal Combustion, The Plan, Nazi Nexus, and a novel, Format C:.

The video below is his lecture based on his book ‘War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race’. It details more of the true nature of the eugenics movement in America in the early 1900’s and the people involved that we previously did not know about.

Edwin Black discussed his book War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, published by Four Walls Eight Windows. The book discusses a large-scale eugenics movement that began in the U.S. in 1904 and that was championed by the nation’s medical, political, and religious elite. Eugenics sought to eliminate social “undesirables” and was eventually copied by the Third Reich. Mr. Black responded to questions from members of the audience.

Another amazing lecture based on his book, ‘Nazi Nexus’, can be found here. The video from 4.26.2009 is on C-Span2’s BookTv and is un-embeddable. I urge you to watch it also as it details the  magnates and American corporations behind Hitler including Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Stanford University, etc.

“…I was asked to connect the dots, and when I did, I realized that the actual scope of the Holocaust, the enormity of the Holocaust, the dimension of the Holocaust was determined by American corporations, each in their own way.” – Edwin Black, Nazi Nexus

For those of you that want even more information, here is IBM and the Holocaust. I am currently reading this as there are parallels between the Third Reich’s use of IBM technology to catalog everything from identifying Jews to “the running of railroads and organization of concentration camp slave labor.”, all in the name of profit — to the databases that are now being set up for the Office of Financial Research and Obamacare.

I am currently trying to track down exactly who the government contractors are that are installing and maintaining these databases.  I would consider it a great honor if a reader would expedite discovering that information for me.  If someone does, please send it via the Contact page at the top of the blog.

IBM and the Holocaust

Oathkeeper’s Daughter Returned To Family

Alex Jones interviewed Jonathan Irish about the hearing that occurred today in New Hampshire (with a rally going on outside the court house), how the NH Dept. of Family Child Services had incorrect information in their affidavit which resulted in charges being dropped against Mr. Irish, and his daughter being returned to her family.  It appears to be a case of mistaken identity in regards to the allegations against Jonathan Irish.  Here’s a thought for readers to mull over…

How is it that they knew that Mr. Irish was an Oathkeeper but got the allegations of previous domestic abuse totally wrong?  According to the military mind in the Monster’s household, “it’s a test; a trial balloon to see how patriots react.”  That surely resonates true.


InfoWars MoneyBomb Guest Lineup

InfoWars MoneyBomb Guest Lineup

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I wanted to remind Monster readers about the 27 hour live MoneyBomb marathon by Alex Jones of Infowars that is happening today through tomorrow.  I have been checking in through the day and the interviews with Lord Monckton and Webster Tarpley were amazing.  Later this evening Alex will be speaking with Dr. Stan Monteith and Gerald Celente live and rebroadcasting a Catherine Austin Fitts interview that I urge you to watch.

To watch the live feed, click here.  To donate and keep the alternate media on the air, and the amazing documentaries in production, click on the image.  At this writing, Alex reports $238K reached, with a goal of $500K.

Guest Schedule:

(all times Central time)

8 PM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Joel Skoussen

9 PM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Dr. Stan Montieth

10 PM Live with Alex Jones

11 PM Jeff Smith video interview

12 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest in studio Richard Reeves

1 AM Life with Alex Jones

taking calls

2 AM Alan Watt Part 2 video interview

3 AM Catherine Fitts video interview

4 AM Rev. Clenard Childress video interview

5 AM Sherri Tenpenny video interview

6 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Max Keiser

7 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Gerald Celente

8 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Gerald Celente

9 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Webster Tarpley

10 AM Live with Alex Jones

Guest Paul Craig Roberts

11 AM Live with Alex Jones

12 PM Live with Paul Watson

1 PM Live with Paul Watson

Glenn Beck, 10.12.2010: The Rise of The Tea Party

The judge is hosting today and he starts out this program with the two-fold reason for ‘the rise of the tea party’. I think he’s right and incredibly eloquent about what Tea Party Patriots actually stand for; all bias, spin, and smear aside.

I have often argued that the reason we have the rise of the tea party this election season is two fold.  First, the republicans under Pres. George W. Bush, proved themselves utterly unworthy of governing within the confines of the Constitution.  They fought two illegal wars, created enormous deficits, gave hundreds of billions of your money to rich bankers, federalized education and seniors’ prescription drugs, spied on us without warrants, and arrested people without putting them on trial.  The second and more controversial reason is the sad similarity in the two major political parties today. To demonstrate that similarity, I have argued here at Fox and at speeches around the country, that we don’t even have a two party system any longer, we have one party; the Big Government Party. It has a republican wing that likes deficits, corporate welfare, assaults on civil liberties, and war.  It has a democratic wing that likes taxes, individual welfare, assaults on commercial liberties, and war.

Now, along comes the tea party, and on paper it stands for basic Jeffersonian Principles.  That the federal government can only regulate in the sixteen areas of behavior that the Constitution gives it.  Our freedoms come from our humanity, not from the government.  That the states that have given power to the fed can take it back.  That we are entitled to sound money and only the gold standard can produce that, and that we should only fight defensive wars.

The judge starts with an interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and then moves on to Foreclosure-Gate.


The Race Is On For Your 401(k)

The Race Is On For Your 401(k)

Teresa Ghilarducci

I wrote yesterday about the feds coming for your 401(k)s using Theresa Ghilarducci’s ‘Guaranteed Retirement Account‘ plan.  I just did a little tiny bit of digging on Theresa and I have to admit that although I should not be shocked anymore, I was left breathless by just one page from one website.  The depth of the collapsing progressivism is just heinously out-of-control, but this post is not about that research.  I will do another article subsequently after I re-introduce my readers to John Willoughby who is making a run at unseating Autocrat Mazie Hirono here in my home state, Hawaii, District 2.

John is the Tea Party endorsed candidate who just picked up an endorsement from Sarah Palin.  John is a true ‘small government’ Constitutional conservative, a former navy pilot, and current commercial airline pilot, and our best hope of sending Mazie packing.  Please consider donating to his campaign here, as when we last communicated he stated, “I have not received, nor have I been told I can expect, any support from the RNC.”

John has written an article on this very issue of the government seizing Americans’ 401(k)s, with his personal experience of losing his retirement when United Airlines filed Chapter 11.  It may help us average moos understand exactly what the social wealth redistributionists are up to.

Democrats in Congress Take First Step Toward Nationalized Retirement

By John W.Willoughby

Psych! The government hasn’t taken the first step… Whether you know it or not, they’re already on, like, step 10.

After the attacks of 9/11 on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the airline industry was thrown into turmoil. The Bush administration sprang into action and in just eleven short days established the Air Transportation Stabilization Board, a U.S. Treasury Department office designed to stabilize an airline industry that was already in dire straits prior to 9/11. The ATSB was to issue federal loan guarantees to viable airlines unable to acquire conventional credit. An amount that seems now like a paltry sum of $10 billion in loan guarantees (not bailouts) was appropriated by U.S. Congress to assist the airlines.

In essence, establishment of the ATSB provided the means by which airlines (including my employer, United Airlines) could continue to operate while meeting their financial obligations, including the funding of the employees defined benefit pension plans.

Instead of immediately applying for the loan guarantee, United Airlines — hemorrhaging money and suffering from self-inflicted wounds including a flawed business plan, an expensive, outdated, and fuel guzzling fleet of aircraft, inefficient work rules, bloated payroll, and unpaid pension obligations — opted to choose protection under Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a means to stop paying leases on aircraft, slash payrolls, layoff nearly half its work force and abrogate its contracts with its labor unions to include defaulting on pension obligations. This effectively ended the defined benefit pension plan.

Under bankruptcy protection, UAL then applied for the ATSB loan guarantee. They touted elimination of the pension plans and other draconian cost saving measures to prove to the ATSB that they were serious about staying viable and thus worthy of the loan guarantee. After a lengthy application process including a rare reapplication after initial denial, it was determined by the three-member ATSB that UAL was perfectly capable of establishing credit withoutthe government guarantee and denied the second application.

This is significant in two ways. First and most important, the market, not government determined whether UAL would survive (which it did). Secondly, by not taking government funds, UAL CEO Glenn Tilton was able to parley some $40 million in executive compensation for himself and tens of millions more for his immediate staff with nary an objection from the public, media, or Representative BarneyFrank.

But it was after this process that I first realized how little control (whether a result of government intrusion or other external forces) we the people actually have over our future, our financial security and the legacy we will be allowed to pass on to our children and grandchildren. With the stroke of a pen, we employees lost our hard earned retirements.

You see, in the past UAL and its labor unions negotiated a comfortable defined benefit pension plan that promised to pay a specific monthly payment at retirement (just as federal, state and local government agencies do now). Unlike government pension plans, that are funded by taxpayers, UAL (and other private and publically held companies that provide a defined benefit pension plan) was responsible to make regular contributions to the plan in addition to insurance premiums it was required to pay to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, an independent agency of the federal government designed to assume pension obligations in case of pension plan failure.

When UAL filed for Chapter 11 protection, its pension obligations and all monies in the plan were turned over to the PBGC. This was a windfall for the PBGC who developed a formula to continue making current pension payments at a drastically reduced amount and establish a schedule for paying future obligations — my and other’s retirements — at pennies on the dollar.

This is what my Hawaii public and private Union brothers and sisters have in store for them in the immediate future (when it is realized that there is no money to pay the $39 Trillion in unfunded pension obligations) and the rest of working Americans have to look forward to if Democrat Congressional Representative Mazie Hirono and “that San Francisco crowd” have their way.

There is method to their madness. Despite the majority party in Congress’s absolutely unconscionable gargantuan spending spree and outlandish promise to pay down their $13 Trillion plus obligation without the means to do it, they know they have a yet untapped resource from which to draw and plan to follow.

Our Union benefactors (and recipients of millions in union campaign contributions) Hirono and her fellow House Democrats including Speaker NancyPelosi, House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-California, House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support Chairman James McDermott, D-Washington, invited Teresa Ghilarducci, Professor of Economic Policy Analysis at the New School of Social Research in New York to testify at McDermott’s committee. Professor Ghilarducci provided a plan to nationalize America’s private pension system and allow Congress to get their hands on $8 trillion of our money. (What’s especiallystinging is that my local Air Line Pilots Association council recently presented Representative Miller with an award for support of our Union. We lost our retirement once, and now he’s going to pick the bones.)

First,they will nationalize (steal) our hard-earned 401K and IRA accounts — every penny.

Second, they will issue each family an account (with a starting balance of zero) administered by the Social Security Administration (oh, I feel better already). We will be required to contribute to the account, 5% of our annual income (non tax deductable).

Third, the government will contribute up to $600 indexed for inflation (or it would actually be a negative sum gain) annually. Fourth, the government would guarantee a 3% rate of return (not indexed for inflation).

So, if you have a job that pays around $50,000 a year, over a 30-year career you will have built a retirement account worth around $150,000. Now, let me see… That will yield a monthly retirement stipend that is less than the present Social Security payment alone. The upside is that this will be guaranteed, hence the title “Guaranteed Retirement Account.” Oh by the way, only 50% can be passed to your heirs upon your death. Questions???

Yes. Are they out of their freaking minds! Who is speaking out against this? Who thinks the Democrat majority in both the House and Senate and the White House can’t get away with this? They have been preparing their “spread the wealth” strategy since early last election. They don’t actually believe they are helping Americans plan for their retirements… They simply want to get their hands on the $80 billion in annual 401K tax breaks millions of Americans currently receive and the crown jewel — the $7 trillion currently in Americans retirement accounts to pay for their socialist agenda.

What support can we expect this ill-conceived scheme to receive from our Hawaii Representatives? As for Mrs. Hirono, she has blindly voted with her Democrat majority nearly 100% of the time. We can also count on socialist Gubernatorial Candidate Abercrombie to be a chief drumbeater for this effort, then “bring the same change from Washington to Washington Place.” The rest is up to us.

Oathkeepers’ Newborn Taken By The State

Concord, NH – Yesterday, I collected this video of John Irish speaking with George4Title (YouTuber) about how his newborn baby was taken from him and his fiancee moments after the child’s birth by The Division of Family Child Services because of Mr. Irish’s affiliation with OathKeepers. I immediately sent an email to the Oathkeepers asking for confirmation. Today we have that confirmation. It’s real.  How’s this for a ‘chilling effect‘ on parents’ free speech?  We no longer just break down your door, scare your children and shoot your little doggies; step outta line and we take your kids…

Update from Oathkeepers’ site:

Oath Keepers statement about video titled, “Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper’s New Born From Hospital”

UPDATE : 10/07/2010 10.53PM PST — We have confirmed that the affidavit in support of the order to take the child from her parents  states ,along with a long list of other assertions  against both parents, that “The Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the Oath Keepers.”     Yes, there are other, very serious allegations.  Out of respect for the privacy of the parents, we will not publish the affidavit.  We will leave that to Mr. Irish.   But please do remember that allegations do not equal facts — they are merely allegations (and in my  experience as a criminal defense lawyer in small town Montana I saw many allegations that proved to be false).

But an even more fundamental point is that regardless of the other allegations, it is utterly unconstitutional for government agencies to list Mr. Irish’s association with Oath Keepers in an affidavit in support of a child abuse order to remove his daughter from his custody.    Talk about  chilling speech!   If this is allowed to continue, it will chill the speech of not just Mr. Irish, but all Oath Keepers and it will serve as the camel under the tent for other associations being considered too risky for parents to dare.   Thus, it serves to chill the speech of all of us, in any group we belong to that “officials” may not approve of.   Don’t you dare associate with such and such group, or you could be on “the list” and then child protective services might come take your kids.

Note: We have also learned that the Southern Poverty Law Center is now part of DHS. Click here to read more on this.

Alex Jones on the inclusion of South Poverty Law Center into DHS.

AYFKM?: FBI Wants Their GPS Back

AYFKM?: FBI Wants Their GPS Back

Come on folks, laugh along with me because we are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy past the point of being frightened.

The unbelievable stupidity and ineptitude of the government goes unchecked when a 20 year old U.S. born citizen of Egyptian descent is secretly GPS tracked by the FBI, who then gets caught, and shows up in force to get their GPS unit back.  I’m wondering which event came first, the tracking or the 9th Circuit Appeals judge stating it’s legal to trespass when the government is spying on it’s citizens.  Well, maybe that’s not how the decision was actually stated, but the results are the same, yes?

Now what was I saying last night….?

Got Real Vision?

STOP SPYING ON AMERICANS with cameras, illegal wiretapping, data mining protocols, etc.  Tighten the supervision of America’s intelligence community, and require them to share the data they do acquire.

From Wired:

Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back

A California student got a visit from the FBI this week after he found a secret GPS tracking device on his car, and a friend posted photos of it online. The post prompted wide speculation about whether the device was real, whether the young Arab-American was being targeted in a terrorism investigation and what the authorities would do.

It took just 48 hours to find out: The device was real, the student was being secretly tracked and the FBI wanted its expensive device back, the student told in an interview Wednesday.

The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi’s apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.

Afifi, a 20-year-old U.S.-born citizen, cooperated willingly and said he’d done nothing to merit attention from authorities. Comments the agents made during their visit suggested he’d been under FBI surveillance for three to six months.

An FBI spokesman wouldn’t acknowledge that the device belonged to the agency or that agents appeared at Afifi’s house.

“I can’t really tell you much about it, because it’s still an ongoing investigation,” said spokesman Pete Lee, who works in the agency’s San Francisco headquarters.

Afifi, the son of an Islamic-American community leader who died a year ago in Egypt, is one of only a few people known to have found a government-tracking device on their vehicle.

His discovery comes in the wake of a recent ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying it’s legal for law enforcement to secretly place a tracking device on a suspect’s car without getting a warrant, even if the car is parked in a private driveway.

(H/T RE)

Glenn Beck, 10.7.2010: Fabian Society, Part 2

Glenn states that he has received emails telling how freaked out and terrified his viewers are by the information he imparted yesterday in the first part of the Fabian Society history lesson. Check out the rest of this post after the videos for a broad overview of how the web was spun, but buckle up first.  It it wasn’t in black and white, you would not believe it.

Are you ready? Many of my readers know most of this history already, but there may be some tidbits to add to your picture of the web, and your understanding of the intrinsic evil of the United Nations.  We have 19 years of UN ‘controls’ that need to be added to this timeline.

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