Feds Shut Down Free Speech In The Gulf

On July 3rd, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen issued a new rule that does not allow the media or anyone with cameras to get closer than 65 feet to any response vessel or boom without permission from the Coast Guard Captain of the Port of New Orleans. Violation of the rule carries a $40,000 fine and A Class D Felony charge. This text will be replaced by the player Whatever is going on in the Gulf of Mexico; this government DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW! It's time to get to the Gulf and find out what they are hiding…
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No Other Crimes To Solve

You have probably seen the video of the Seattle police officer punching the young woman for getting involved in her friend's arrest for jaywalking.  From what the spousal unit has told me, (as he knows this area of the Central District in Seattle very well), this is a main thoroughfare directly in front of Garfield High School.  Why would a white cop even be making a solo attempt to cite jaywalkers on a massively busy thoroughfare in a predominantly black neighborhood unless he is either stupid, lazy, or trying to incite a race riot? The Seattle Police Department is THE…
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The Health Police Are Here (And You Thought There Wasn’t A Public Option)

On the day that Obama announced $400 million in aid to Gaza, he also signed an executive order under cover of the freedom flotilla dustup and those worthless UN sanctions against Iran (June 10,2010).  (H/T to reader "G" for sending this article my way.) A new council has been formed which will be handing a report to Obama by July 1st, 2010 (some 16 days from now) to: (a) describes the activities and efforts on prevention, health promotion, and public health and activities to develop the national strategy conducted by the Council during the period for which the report is…
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Big Brother Doesn’t Want It’s Revenue Streams Endangering Themselves

Common sense dictates that if somebody falls in the water from your rafting service, you jump in and rescue that person. Taken from the viewpoint of a collectivist government that looks upon it's citizens as property and revenue streams, doing something like that is punishable because a revenue stream is not permitted to make decisions that endanger it's ability to keep pouring money into the federal coffers. Sound farfetched? Given the following story of a 13 year old girl falling out of a river raft and the guide's successful rescue and then arrest because of said rescue, which scenario seems…
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