Jon Voight’s Letter To America (VIDEO)(UPDATED: TRANSCRIPT)

Jon Voight reads his letter to America on ‘Huckabee’. The American people have had their marching orders for quite some time, but Mr. Voight reiterates the absolute necessity of joining a Tea Party and waking up the rest of the country. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” Transcript: In one year the American people are witnessing … Read more

Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann In Minneapolis, 4.7.2010 (UPDATED: Hannity Video)

“some of you proudly clinging to your guns and religion…” Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann speaking at a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota before their appearance on ‘Hannity’. (When those vids become available, I will update this post.) Sarah points out that the tea parties are being lead by a majority of women. Imagine that? Part … Read more

AYFKM? Dems Have Been Playing Defense All This Time

Un-Frakkin-Believable!  Nancy believes that dems need to go on the offensive with their constituents during the break.  What?  Ramming through a number of totally unacceptable policies isn’t being on the offensive? (As always, emphasis of incredibly stupid comments and some flat out lies is mine.) Pelosi to Democrats leaving for recess: It’s time to go … Read more

Is This Billboard Message Clear Enough? (I-75 Florida)

I found this billboard on Patriots For America, but the original post is here. Billboard On I-75 In Florida: America’s Coming For You Liberals Do your part in November – VOTE and encourage everyone you know to do the same!! This photo is of a billboard recently established on I-75 just south of Lake City … Read more

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