Fukushima Reactor #1, Meltdown, And Radiation Forecasts (UPDATED: Tents!)

UPDATE: Japan to Cover Damaged Nuclear Reactors with Giant Tents.  (Grasping at straws folks, grasping at straws.  Anyone else asking why America has not helped Japan?)

I stated that I would post if something incredibly important happened; here it is – nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, radiation forecasts from Dutchsinse’s YouTube channel, and a vitamin and mineral supplement that contains a daily dose of potassium iodide for those finding tablets (and nutritious food) hard to come by. (Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid, 30 OunceVitamins & Multivitamins). I suggest readers make this vid viral and subscribe to Dutch’s channel.

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BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee (UPDATED: VIDEO)

Herman Cain has just announced on Neil Cavuto’s ‘Your World’ that he is forming a presidential exploratory committee to see whether there is enough support and financial backing for a run at the White House. Video to follow!!!!

Koran Burning Cancelled; Ground Zero Mosque To Be Moved (UPDATED #2)

I originally thought Pastor Jones had completely gone off his nut by announcing his intent to burn Korans on 9.11, (which by the way, falls under the category of “just plain wrong”), but he has been promised by Imam Rauf that the Ground Zero Mosque will be moved. From NYTimes: But details of the pastor’s … Read more Koran Burning Cancelled; Ground Zero Mosque To Be Moved (UPDATED #2)

Multiple Detroit Homes In Flames

What’s up with Detroit?  Two separate neighborhood fires are being reported involving dozens of homes.  Response times to the fires has been delayed because of the lack of firefighters, and putting the fires out has been complicated by lack of water pressure at hydrants.  Detroit’s West Side – at least 4 homes.  Detroit’s East Side … Read more Multiple Detroit Homes In Flames

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