Obama “Capping” the American Dream

Lady Lynn is, as always, incredibly eloquent and explains exactly the problem with an Obama Regime. (My word, not hers).  She explains how Obama is changing the definition of the “American Dream”, and though she does not say the word socialism, she does speak about the concept of a welfare give-away to 60 million people who do not pay any taxes by those of us that do.    Redistributing the wealth is a progressive socialistic concept; not capitalism.  Pay attention people, we are looking at a socialist disguised as a democrat, and I agree with Lady Lynn, Hillary Clinton is going to have alot of explaining to do if this wolf in sheep’s clothing is elected.

The Monster’s Debate Reaction

I was not planning on posting anything about this particular debate until I re-heard something that Gumby said, and now feel the need to make a few comments.

  1. Gumby did alot of explaining tonight – on the defensive.  McCain has now set up the talking points for the next two weeks and I believe there will be a gradual evening of this matchup in the polls.
  2. The Polls are rigged – so don’t believe any of them.
  3. The ACORN story now has legs and there are a few other items blowing around that will impact the Obama campaign.
  4. My stripes started rippling and my teeth showing when Barack Obama said that Sarah Palin is a “politician” in such a way that he was almost spitting out the word.  It is the whole concept of not throwing rocks when you live in a glass house and your second in command to watch the house has been in the congress for 36 years.  There is a politician.

That’s all I have to say….

Hele Mai!

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Ohio SOS Jennifer Brunner

Today's Idiot Child! Jennifer Brunner

Today's Idiot Child

200,000.   200,000.   200,000.  Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  I’m sitting here watching Barack Obama (Gumby) get his ass handed to him by Joe the Plumber via John McCain and what do I come across on the web?

The Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner (D) is being forced by the court to cough up mismatched voter registrations to the tune of 200,000 voters.  (Wow, that’s alot of fake people.  I wonder if Minnie is in there?)

Brunner: I’ll obey court order, but thousands could lose their right to vote. (Thousands of what…and I thought you were an state officer and had to comply with court orders….so obeying shouldn’t be a choice, dimwit.)

COLUMBUS — More than 200,000 Ohioans who registered to vote this year for the first time or updated their voting information since Jan. 1 could be affected by the latest court ruling requiring the state to set up a new registration verification system by Friday, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said.

Brunner said she would comply with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling late Tuesday but said she is deeply concerned that the decision is a veiled attempt at disenfranchising voters. (doublespeak for I really want the dead and their dead pets to be able to vote too.)


Since Jan. 1, Ohio has 666,000 newly registered or updated voters — all of whom fall under scrutiny by this latest court ruling. Brunner said an initial review found that at least 200,000 of them might have mismatched information. Once the office identifies all of the mismatched voters, Brunner will send the list to the county boards of election where the individuals have registered.

But state Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett said Brunner’s decision to not implement the verification system sooner without the court forcing her to do so has cost county boards of election valuable time reining in examples of fraud.

“Unfortunately, her delay in providing this matching system leaves little time for election officials to act on questionable registrations,” Bennett said in a statement. “Secretary Brunner should immediately issue a new directive providing clear guidance on how the boards should handle the mismatched voter data.”

Between the secretary’s office and the county boards, Brunner said, efforts will be made to notify the voters of the discrepancy and urge them to update their information. Brunner will also follow that up with a directive to the counties urging them not to force people to vote provisionally. She said that could set up yet another Republican challenge, but that federal law does not require a person with mismatched information to vote provisionally, as opposed to getting a regular ballot.

We have 20 days of watching the ACORN Voter Registration Fraud unravel and take Bambi, and the rest of the socialist dems with them.

Follow The Money of Obama and Odinga

Follow The Money of Obama and Odinga

Jerome Corsi is breaking a news story with World Net Daily about Barack Obama contributing $1 Million to his cousin’s campaign in Kenya.

Obama Raised $1 Million For Foreign Thug’s Election

Democrat Joined Libya’s Gadhafi Among Top Contributors To Odinga

Posted: October 14, 2008
9:27 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Raila Odinga

NEW YORK –Sen. Barack Obama, with a donation of nearly $1 million, and a son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi were among the biggest contributors to the presidential campaign of controversial Kenyan leader Raila Odinga, according to an internal document obtained by WND.

The memo was prepared by the head of Odinga’s campaign finance accounting section, Shakeel Shabbir, as an official report delivered to the national treasurer for Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement party, or ODM.

Among the 72 individuals and organizations that contributed money to Odinga’s 2007 presidential run in Kenya, Shabbir lists “Friends of Senator B.O.” as having donated 66,000,000 Kenyan schillings, about $950,000.

Saif el-Islam Gadhafi, the Libyan strongman’s second oldest son, reportedly donated 53,450,000 Kenyan schillings, about $765,000.

According to several highly credible ex-ODM sources WND interviewed in Kenya, the $950,000 raised for Odinga’s campaign came from a series of private meetings arranged for Odinga by Mark Lippert, a foreign policy adviser in Obama‘s U.S. Senate office. The meetings with top-dollar Obama fundraisers and donors took place during Odinga’s 2006 trip to the U.S.

Make sure you go to the link to read the rest.

#2 Lawsuit Demanding Verification Of Obama’s Citizenship Status

#2 Lawsuit Demanding Verification Of Obama’s Citizenship Status

I want to give a huge thank you to baj for dropping this comment tidbit on the Monster because EVERYBODY needs to know that Americans are starting to stand together and one by one we are demanding in the most legal way possible for verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship due to the fact that his whole past has basically been scrubbed clean and the only historical facts we have are coming out of his memoirs.

I also want to stand up and applaud Steve Marquis and People’s Voice for filing this lawsuit.


Contact: Steve Marquis
Telephone Number: 425-698-7084
Email Address: peoplesvoice@peoplespassions.org
Web site address: http://peoplespassions.org/peoplesvoice/peoplesvoice.html

Averting a Crisis in Confidence; Citizen files Lawsuit Against Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

Seattle WA. 10/9/2008 — Steven Marquis, a resident of Fall City WA today filed suit in Washington State Superior Court against Secretary of State Sam Reed demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

The complaint seeks specifically that the office of the Washington Secretary of State verify and certify that Mr. Obama is or is not a “natural born” citizen by producing original or certified verifiable official documents. The lawsuit argues that this certification should take place before the election to preclude a constitutional crisis and likely civil unrest should such certification, after the election, prove that Mr. Obama was not qualified for office.

The Complaint argues that the Secretary of State has the authority and duty to not only certify the voters but also and most importantly the candidates and in so doing prevent the wholesale disenfranchisement of voters who would had had an opportunity to choose from qualified candidates had the certification preceded the election process.

At this point, Mr. Obama has not allowed independent or official access to his birth records nor supporting hospital records. The Hawaii Health Department has violated Federal law by ignored formal Freedom of Information requests for the same. Do to the facts and numerous other allegations that would challenge Mr. Obama’s fundamental qualifications for office, a Federal lawsuit was filed and is currently being heard in District Court, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Obama failed to respond to the District Court’s request to produce or allow access to the official documents (should they exist) and instead filed a motion to dismiss arguing the Plaintiff had no “standing” or right to know. This non-response as of 9/24/2008 in Federal court casts doubt on the veracity of the electoral system and is the principal reason for this lawsuit. The late entry of this suit is due in principal part to Mr. Obama’s delay and subsequent non response to reasonable request for valid certificates. Multiple requests for early certification to the Office of the Secretary of State has been rejected.

The Washington Secretary of State Office is specifically charged with certifying and guaranteeing the veracity of official documents and overseeing the elections to wit the people’s confidence in the fundamental aspect of democracy is maintained. To date, in this regard, Secretary of State Sam Reed has not carried out that fundamental duty.

This lawsuit demands injunctive relief directing Sam Reed, Secretary of State, carry out the duty of his office in this regard answering the formal complaints for verification of Mr. Obama and any other candidate appearing on the ballots issues through his office for which formal complaints have been received.

Interested Parties may contact Plaintive as follows:
Contact: Steve Marquis
Telephone Number: 425-698-7084
Email Address: peoplesvoice@peoplespassions.org
Web site address: http://peoplespassions.org/peoplesvoice/peoplesvoice.html

Want To See Smooth?

NeverFindOut.org has come out with some absolutely amazing vids.  Want to see smooth?  Want to see real?

Would you agree that these need to be viral?  There are even more at their site.
Nice Try:

Part Of The Problem:

Income Taxes:

Chicken Button:

Not This Time:

Middle Class:




Obama, Odinga, Kenya And The MSM…

Obama, Odinga, Kenya And The MSM…

Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga

Holy Bejesus Batman!  My repost of Obama – ODM Candidate For President by Jacquerie is burning up the internet and whether that post had anything to do with it or not, The Washington Times has finally decided to jump into the fray and has covered this topic yesterday with an article called HYMAN: Obama’s Kenya Ghosts.

It is actually possible that this article in the MSM might bring more attention to yet another disturbing association that Barack Obama maintains.  It continues to highlight the question “Who The Hell Is Barack Obama?  I do not believe that accepting the marketed image of Obama lock, stock, and barrel would be either wise or advisable at this point.  John McCain is an open book; Barack on the other hand has more and more strange connections that are just coming to light.  Stay tuned for an upcoming article highlighting the tangled web that Barack appears to be the center of.

Hyman: Obama’s Kenya Ghosts:

About 50 parishioners were locked into the Assemblies of God church before it was set ablaze. They were mostly women and children. Those who tried to flee were hacked to death by machete-wielding members of a mob numbering 2,000.

The 2008 New Year Day atrocity in the Kenyan village Eldoret, about 185 miles northwest of Nairobi, had all the markings of the Rwanda genocide of a decade earlier.

By mid-February 2008, more than 1,500 Kenyans were killed. Many were slain by machete-armed attackers. More than 500,000 were displaced by the religious strife. Villages lay in ruin. Many of the atrocities were perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.

The violence was led by supporters of Raila Odinga, the opposition leader who lost the Dec. 27, 2007, presidential election by more than 230,000 votes. Odinga supporters began the genocide hours after the final election results were announced Dec. 30. Mr. Odinga was a member of Parliament representing an area in western Kenya, heavily populated by the Luo tribe, and the birthplace of Barack Obama‘s father.

Mr. Odinga had the backing of Kenya’s Muslim community heading into the election. For months he denied any ties to Muslim leaders, but fell silent when Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, appeared on Kenya television displaying a memorandum of understanding signed on Aug. 29, 2007, by Mr. Odinga and the Muslim leader. Mr. Odinga then denied his denials.

The details of the MOU were shocking. In return for Muslim backing, Mr. Odinga promised to impose a number of measures favored by Muslims if he were elected president. Among these were recognition of “Islam as the only true religion,” Islamic leaders would have an “oversight role to monitor activities of ALL other religions [emphasis in original],” installation of Shariah courts in every jurisdiction, a ban on Christian preaching, replacement of the police commissioner who “allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists,” adoption of a women’s dress code, and bans on alcohol and pork.

This was not Mr. Odinga’s first brush with notoriety. Like his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the main opposition leader in the 1960s and 1970s, Raila Odinga is a Marxist He graduated from East Germany’s Magdeburg University in 1970 on a scholarship provided by the East German government. He named his oldest son after Fidel Castro.


Initially, Mr. Odinga was not the favored opposition candidate to stand in the 2007 election against President Mwai Kibaki, who was seeking his second term. However, he received a tremendous boost when Sen. Barack Obama arrived in Kenya in August 2006 to campaign on his behalf. Mr. Obama denies that supporting Mr. Odinga was the intention of his trip, but his actions and local media reports tell otherwise.

Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama were nearly inseparable throughout Mr. Obama’s six-day stay. The two traveled together throughout Kenya and Mr. Obama spoke on behalf of Mr. Odinga at numerous rallies. In contrast, Mr. Obama had only criticism for Kibaki. He lashed out against the Kenyan government shortly after meeting with the president on Aug. 25. “The [Kenyan] people have to suffer over corruption perpetrated by government officials,” Mr. Obama announced.

“Kenyans are now yearning for change,” he declared. The intent of Mr. Obama’s remarks and actions was transparent to Kenyans – he was firmly behind Mr. Odinga.

Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama had met several times before the 2006 trip. Reports indicate Mr. Odinga visited Mr. Obama during trips to the U.S. in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Mr. Obama sent his foreign policy adviser Mark Lippert to Kenya in early 2006 to coordinate his summer visit. Mr. Obama’s August trip coincided with strategizing by Orange Democratic Movement leaders to defeat Mr. Kibaki in the upcoming elections. Mr. Odinga represented the ODM ticket in the presidential race.

Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama’s father were both from the Luo community, the second-largest tribe in Kenya, but their ties run much deeper. Mr. Odinga told a stunned BBC Radio interviewer the reason why he and Mr. Obama were staying in near daily telephone contact was because they were cousins. In a Jan. 8, 2008, interview, Mr. Odinga said Mr. Obama had called him twice the day before while campaigning in the New Hampshire primary before adding, “Barack Obama’s father is my maternal uncle.”

Mr. Obama’s judgment is seriously called into question when he backs an official with troubling ties to Muslim extremists and whose supporters practice ethnic cleansing and genocide. It was Islamic extremists in Kenya who bombed the U.S. Embassy in 1998, killing more than 200 and injuring thousands. None of this has dissuaded Mr. Obama from maintaining disturbing loyalties.

I am thinking that the last paragraph pretty much sums it up.  Mr. Obama maintains disturbing loyalties, but it is up to the American public to make up their own minds.

Obama and Odinga

Obama and Odinga

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

When I first heard about the Philip Berg case against Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee, I did not write anything about it because I felt that it possibly was a tinfoil hat crusade in hopes something would finally stick to Barack Obama and bring his campaign for permanent detrimental change for America to a halt.  Philip Berg’s website for this case is ObamaCrimes.  If you do not know the details of the cases, it boils down to this.  Philip Berg wants Barack Obama to produce a vaulted birth certificate proving that he is constitutionally eligible to run for the Office of the Presidency.  There seems to be some evidence, and more coming out now, that Barack was born in Kenya.

Then I read that Barack Obama had hired a team of lawyers to throw the case out, and that his legal team has unsavory associations just like Barack himself.  The details of this story are at Yid With Lid.

At that point, I realized that this is not a tinfoil hat crusade.  If Barack Obama has nothing to hide, he would have just produced a vaulted birth certificate and that would have put everything to rest instead of hiring lawyers and making their next move; having the cased dismissed with no discovery while they wait for the judge to decide whether or not to throw it out.

Currently, the Obama’s lawyers have filed a Protective Order Staying Discovery Pending Decision On Dispositive MotionPhilip Berg’s response?:

For Immediate Release: – 10/06/08
For Further Information Contact:
Philip J. Berg, Esquire Berg v. Obama
555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
Cell (610) 662-3005 No. 08-cv-04083
(610) 825-3134
(800) 993-PHIL [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659 philjberg@obamacrimes.com

Berg is “Outraged” that Obama & DNC Hide Again Behind Legal Issues as their attorney files a Motion for Protective Order to “not” Answer Admissions & Production of Documents while Betraying Public in not Producing Documents proving Obama is “qualified” to be a candidate for President It is believed Obama is an “illegal alien”

Country is Headed to a Constitutional Crisis
(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 10/06/08) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney
who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of
“qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that Obama
and Democratic National Committee [DNC] filed a Joint Motion for Protective Order to
Stay Discovery Pending a Decision on the Motion to Dismiss they filed on 09/24/08.

While legal, Berg stated he is “outraged as this is another attempt to hide the truth
from the public; it is obvious that documents do not exist to prove that Obama is
qualified to be President.” The case is Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083.

Their joint motion indicates a concerted effort to avoid the truth by attempting to
delay the judicial process, although legal, by not resolving the issue presented: that is,
whether Barack Obama meets the qualifications to be President.

It is obvious that Obama was born in Kenya and does not meet the
“qualifications” to be President of the United States pursuant to our United States
Constitution. Obama cannot produce a certified copy of his “Vault” [original long
version] Birth Certificate from Hawaii because it does not exist.

Furthermore, and actually more important is Obama’s Certificate of Citizenship
that he received when he returned from Indonesia, as if it exists it would indicate that
Obama was “naturalized” and also not able to be President.

The DNC has promised “we the people” an Open and Honest Government and
has promised to uphold our United States Constitution. The DNC has failed their
promise. DNC Chairperson Howard Dean should resign as he has not and is not
fulfilling his responsibility of seeing that a “qualified” candidate is on the ballot as the
Democratic candidate for President of the United States.
Berg stated that a response in opposition will be filed in the next day or so to the
Defendants Motion for a Protective Order.

Our website obamacrimes.com now has 21.7 + million hits. We are urging all
to spread the word of our website – and forward to your local newspapers and radio and
TV stations. Berg again stressed his position regarding the urgency of this case as, “we”
the people, are heading to a “Constitutional Crisis” if this case is not resolved forthwith.

I found this article from Petunia Politik on Just Say No Deal.  When it comes to Obama, we have found that where there is smoke, there is fire.  Please post this video and blog it around so that more people know exactly what is happening with the Berg vs Obama case.   I will be sending this article to Fox, but hopefully, someone close to Hannity will read this and send it on to him personally.

Hacking The Monster

Hacking The Monster

One Pissed Off Tiger

One Pissed Off Tiger

There are currently two people that do not believe in free speech continually trying to hack Logistics Monster and bring this site down.  I have been watching you for weeks and will no longer put up with your abuse of internet knowledge.  I have enough courtesy not to out you on the internet, but………

This is fair warning for you folks that if you continue your attacks, I will be taking this matter to the authorities through the proper chain of command.  Understand?  Clear Enough?  Just sayin….

Must Read For All Americans and Monster Readers

Must Read For All Americans and Monster Readers

Monster readers must go here and read this incredible article by Hillbuzz.  Most of you have probably read it already, but for those stopping by and/or newbies, this will put the whole situation into perspective.  For those of you that do not know what RICO stands for, I will save you the time of googling it.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO)

An except:

Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign

Republicans and centrist Democrats are joined together on this effort to get the truth out about Obama before the November election. We firmly believe in McCain’s victory and do not believe it hinges on any developments with RICO.  The polls, in our opinon, are wrong, and the internal numbers we see coming out of NC, VA, PA, OH, IN and FL show McCain wins in all of those states (there is no mathematical possibility for Obama to win without taking PA, OH, or FL). We believe after McCain’s win there will be a continued prosecution of Obama and members of the Democratic party for voter fraud under RICO statutes in the months and years ahead. ACORN and leftist Democrats have gone too far this time — for years ACORN has engineered deliberate election fraud using taxpayer dollars funneled to it by Democrats. This time, with both Democrats and Republicans joined against them, ACORN Is going down…and we believe it will ultimately take Obama, Axelrod, and most of today’s Democratic leadership down with it.


There IS a RICO investigation of ACORN and the Obama campaign underway – this has now been established by the mainstream media. Right now it’s rumored here in Chicago that Patrick Fitzgerald is heading it (confirmation on that has not come yet). There is a lot of activity in Chicago right now, with a lot of IRS agents looking into the finances coming in and out of this city, and across state lines (this was established on Monday when the GOP issued emergency press releases that much of Obama’s campaign contributions could very well be illegal foreign contributions – what appears to be deliberately poor record keeping designed to hide the true identities and monetary sources of online donors is at issue here). We see in 15 states now that ACORN is being busted for attempted voter fraud, and for fraudulent, illegal voter registratons in the hundreds of thousands, if not a million. The article below states, and we have confirmed this with people who know for sure, that the people who gathered evidence of Obama’s fraud and voter intimidation techniques during the primaries against Hillary Clinton are sharing everything they have with the Republican Party and the federal government.

Bad Behavior has blocked 2215 access attempts in the last 7 days.

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