Thomas Jefferson once said, “Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

There is quite a bit of curiosity about who I am.  The Dark Angel protects my family’s security, and protects me from reprisals in my Blue State, small town community which does not want to know about the progressive dependency agenda.

I have been an indie voter for three decades who has now taken up the mantle of an American Freedom Fighter due to the apparent planned collapse of the American economy, the destruction of personal liberties, and the generational enslavement of debt.

For decades we have been forced to watch the ‘ruling class’ turn the ship of state into the path of a globalist, collectivist iceberg, and have been given the choice to vote for evil, eviler, or not vote at all.

Our country, as a sovereign nation, will no longer survive if the little people continue to remain silent and allow ‘the powers that be’ to maintain a corrupted political process, swindle the American engine through the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and indoctrinate the moos into their insane, upside-down way of thinking through rapidly degrading school systems.

I and an awakening American public are unbelievably dissatisfied, (an understatement), with the globalist direction the progressives in our government and academics at universities and think tanks have been quietly and methodically taking our country over the last 120 years.  At some point the insanity will be stopped because more Americans still retain critical, common sense reasoning, and have now made the decision to act in a Constitutional manner to stop the derailment of the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We understand that a flawed basis or intent will never achieve a proper, moral outcome.

We can and will no longer stand by and quietly vote for the Lesser Of Evils (commonly referred to as the Democrats and the Republicans) which is nothing more than two sides of the same Spend-Until-You-Drop coin.  We.Know.Who.You Are.

Is it any wonder the Tea Parties are directing American politicians’ agendas?


The Tea Parties started with a blogger named LibertyBelle in Seattle, Washington on February 16, 2009 the Ron Paul Revolution in 2007 because of righteous indignation with an arrogant, elitist federal government bulldozing true American principles of the free market and personal responsibility.   The Tea Parties continued to grow with each successive attack on our free enterprise system, liberties, and persons.  Remember the billions spent on stimulus when America was melting the Capitol’s phone systems saying, “Don’t You Dare!”?  That added a few more million patriots to the mix. Remember the outrageous ‘Flag.gov’, and how millions of us flagged ourselves for having bad thoughts about Obamacare in the universal sign of ‘bite me’ to what was rapidly appearing to be a fascist regime?    How many more have been added with the continuing bailouts that have gone from $700 Billion to $3.7 TRILLION, or the continued massive resistance and call for repeal of Obamacare while the District of Criminals continues to tell us we are too stupid to understand the law?

Make no mistake; this is a battle to reclaim our true American heritage and it will be fought on our terms.   We will no longer negotiate with globalists or collectivists, or compromise Constitutional principles to blunt the progressive movement toward totalitarian government.  If one believes the Obamacare battle was intense, the battle that we enjoin after the November 2010 midterm elections occur will dwarf the din that Congress was subjected to during the summer of 2009.  If the ‘ruling class’ elites believe we will ever go back to sleep after the unbelievable fracturing, on so many levels, that they have created, they are still deluding themselves.

Logistics Monster was started in June, 2008 as a coping mechanism for the blatant corruption of the Democratic Party during the presidential primary season.  As the Democrat majority shoved through one collectivist bill after another with not even a glance at creating jobs or helping the economy, the Monster morphed into a blog informing readers all over the world of the ‘one world governments’ progressive, lord/serf agenda.  LM is a research and commentary site to exchange information and debate ideas in the face of the progressive, social justice, fascist onslaught.

I urge you to take some time and check out the pages at the top of the blog for research that has been gathered from various sources over the last two years.  If you have tips or questions, please feel free to hit the Contact Page under “About”.  I look forward to hearing from you!

We are making history.  Join us!

RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2007, 11.11.2007:

The Only One We Can Trust:

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