In 2008, Barack Obama said that we were ‘days away from fundamentally changing America’. A modern day Nazgul turning America into a shadow of her magnificent self as he ‘managed the decline’ instructed by his globalist masters.

He created more racism, not less. He fanned the flames of the screeching snowflakes and encouraged the violence of BLM with invites to the White House. He weighed down the economy with taxes and regulations, and radically changed healthcare, all the while apologizing for America and bowing to our enemies as he weakened us on the global stage. His Iran deal was the icing on the cake for himself and his friends in the democrat party.

Barack Obama will arguably go down in history as one of the worst American presidents, and the main reason that Donald Trump was elected 45.

And then Hussein bought the D.C. home he had been renting, set up his shadow government, and moved his Rasputin (Valerie Jarrett) into a wing and started the ‘bring down Trump’ show for 4 years.

Barack Obama’s D.C. home

We all know what happened next; the firing and charging of General Mike Flynn that dragged on for years, the years-long Russia investigation with Mueller that cost millions, the Ukraine impeachment call, and all the spying on Trump and his administration.

After fours years of being accused of rigging an election to win the presidency, do you really believe that Trump did not have a plan to use the 2020 election as a sting operation to uncover all the globalist traitors in our government? We had been watching voter and election fraud across the country for years. How do you think the left coast went blue?

Do you really believe that Trump is desperate and is fishing around for any way possible to ‘overturn’ Joe Biden’s ‘win’? Do you really think the last 2 months since the election was anything but making a naughty list of elected officials, election officials, big tech, and main stream media rigging an election for dems and their foreign handlers?

Now we have numerous congressmen and senators about to challenge the electoral college’s vote on January 6th, and Trump’s team stating they are presenting new evidence not seen in any court.

Get ready for Trump to be Trump; get ready for millions of patriots to descend on Washington, D.C. and get ready for fireworks!

And that’s why we are 3 days away from events in America that will go down in history as BIBLICAL.

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