Glenn Beck Has Information That Will Take Down The Entire Power Structure (Updated)

Glenn Beck stated on his show yesterday that he has news from a whistleblower that will take down the government and he will be releasing it within 24 hours.

Okay, now this is Beck we are talking about. One must give the guy kudos for bringing patriot history and information to the airwaves, and for seeing the niche (namely the size and depth of the Tea Party and it’s mobility, financial depth, and work ethic) and for starting his own broadcasting company to tap into that market share, BUT (there is always a but with this guy), he tends to over dramatize news sometimes. I’m not sure that the country will actually respond to anything less than UN peacekeepers coming to your front door to take your firearms. We are so jaded now; we know Barry Soetoro is not an American, we know that the entire government is corrupt, we know the Supremes are either playing for the other side or being blackmailed….we know it.  Conservative bloggers knew we were being wiretapped way back in 2008.  Now, we are just waiting for the implosion.

Here is Beck’s announcement from yesterday; hopefully he’ll tell us something worth hearing today.

Within 24 Hours, Glenn Beck Will Break News That Will Take Down The Entire Pow

UPDATE: 6.13.2013: There was no announcement on his radio show and I have found nothing at various websites. Will update as more information becomes available.

By Logistics Monster


  • Jeremiah -

    Glenn, be careful. Remember what happened to Breitbart? Make sure you have your security.

    • Beck has security like no other except maybe the dictator in chief that isn’t going on safari now because a sniper team was scheduled to go with him. Wow, they are getting edgy….

  • Anti obama -

    I really wish it had been true and not a rating stunt.. Oh well…

    • I am holding judgement in reserve until after tomorrow as I do believe that Beck wouldn’t say something like that unless he had something to report. Friday is the usual news release day for these guys….my only concern is it is something silly. Like I said in the post, we are used to so much bullshit that it better be something massively huge to get us to respond. We are callused from years of battle with the Obama fascist regime.

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