(Editor’s Note: I do not agree with issuing a call to arms as of yet. What I believe our next step in the fight to return our country to Constitutional sanity follows the fold.)

Anonymous has issued a call to arms to overthrow the current American government that has usurped our Constitutional rights and turned our country into a debtor nation thru a privately owned central bank, and a police state through alphabet agencies and executive orders.

I believe, as does Anonymous, that all of our actions on the national level (protests, calling our senators and congressmen, etc.) have failed to move this government in a Constitutional direction. If anything, the feds have ramped up their efforts to collapse our economy and control our personal behavior thru Obamacare, executive orders, continued deficit spending, inflation, and bank foreclosures.  I also believe that this government wants the average American that has become frustrated with the continued economic contraction (depression) we have existed in since 2008 and the loss of our god-given rights to take up arms and fire the first shot.  Do NOT be fooled into taking such a drastic step.  If this government thought they had even an iota of a chance of confiscating our guns, they would have already done it; just like all the stimulus packages, Obamacare, debt ceiling increases, NDAA, the fiscal cliff debacle, TSA groping and scanners, checkpoints on roads all across the country, surveillance cameras everywhere, etc.

Given that this government has been completely infiltrated by special interests, the banking elite, corrupt politicians, and greedy, power driven collectivists, the only way to put a stop to their incessant un-Constitutional behavior (short of firing the first shot) is to fiscally strangle the beast.  Hit them where it will hurt the most, ‘their’ wallet (also known as yours and my money).

  1. It’s the beginning of 2013; time to fill out a new W-4 form for tax withholding taking every single exemption possible and paying the government the least amount you possibly can legally.
  2. Take all of your money out of the stock market.  Do not allow the globalists to continue to use your money against your best interests.  Take that cash, and put it in local federal credit unions and local investments in your community.  This would include all bank accounts with the large globalist banks and if you have credit cards with them, cancel them.  Starve the beasts that are part of the government’s revolving cash door.
  3. If your home mortgage is with one of the big banks and it is possible for you to refinance without losing your shirt, refinance your home with a local bank or credit union in your community.  STOP giving the big banks even more money to use against us!
  4. Join the Tenth Amendment Center!
  5. Redirect all the energy you have been uselessly pouring into your national senators and congressmen toward your state legislature.  Get these servants of the people on speed dial.  Make sure you have done your research, know your topic, and then bury them in phone calls and letters putting forward nullification legislation in your state that will invalidate everything that the District of Criminals is trying to achieve.
  6. And last, but certainly not least, buy guns and ammo.  If all of the above fails and they actually do pull a total Nazi takeover, you will have at least known that we did everything short of violence to stop them – and you will be prepared.

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