Lindsey Williams; 10 Elite Agenda Points To Happen In The Next Four Years

Lindsey Williams interviewing with Alex Jones on 12.4.2012 outlining ten agenda points that the global elite have planned out for the world in the next four years.  This is a very powerful interview and tracks with everything that we have been seeing with gold, the forced collapse of the dollar, the Federal Reserve buying mortgage backed securities, the District of Criminals’ usual Fourth Reich maneuvering, personal and commercial debt, student loan debt, and so on and so forth.  Years ago I wrote that the global elite through their banker tools are in the process of acquiring all the wealth of America including all property because the land underneath your house is what has real value (NOT THE GD HOUSE on a postage stamp).  Chaplain Williams covers this point extremely well.  I urge my readers to listen to the entire interview as he outlines the 3 factions at war currently (the global elites, an out of control pResident thumbing his nose at the elites, and a new renegade group of elites that are not bowing and scraping to the new world order), and how we, as regular ‘ol Americans are caught in the middle of a gunfight.  I personally say we take the fight to them without firing a single shot – move your money out of the big banks and financial markets, and change your tax status to exempt; take that money and pay off your debts.  Opt out of the NWO by only buying goods that you NEED and then only goods MADE IN AMERICA.  Cut these bastards off where they live; namely, their wallets.  Maybe readers can come up with more ways to financially choke the elite into submission to “We The People…’.

  • Elite not ready for financial collapse because they need to…
  • Force massive debt creation on all Americans
  • Tax the middle class into oblivion to the point where they lose their homes, businesses, and property
  • Debt limit will be suspended
  • Dollar is scheduled to be phased out
  • The death of legitimate, free, fair, and honest elections
  • The 38% of the American population receiving some form of government payout will be pushed to 70%
  • Gold prices will be pushed to $3000 an ounce
  • The ‘Devil’s Messiah Agenda’ will be put into full force as the last remnants of God is pushed out of our society as churches fall victim to debt and are bought up by the elites.
  • Millions of muslim immigrants will be brought into America and be given citizenship to institute Sharia law to replace the Constitution.
  • Americans must become their own doctors as Obamacare is not a health care program and upwards of 40% of healthcare workers are going to resign.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    Thanks for the break down summary. I heard the original broadcast but I never really got the 10 points because Alex has that annoying habit of talking over his guests. I just could not bring myself to listen to it again. Alex is a good source but I can’t take any of his broadcasts a second time.

    I do believe that THEY are very much behind schedule and that there is infighting between the factions. These and the awakening of mankind are our best hopes.

  • ProtectOurCivilRightsFreedoms -

    I enjoy reading your very informative articles very much.
    I would like to post a link to your very informative articles on the Internet at various web sites and on Twitter.

    I would like to ask for your permission to do something and if you will grant this, I’d be thankful. Can I quote a few excerpts of your article(s), AND a post link to your article(s)? If yes, how many words in an excerpt of an article may I post with a link (per article)?If you prefer
    that I only post a link to your article on your web site without any excerpts, that is fine. Please reply here.

    You really hit grand slams for the American People and hammer home a lot of truth that so many American writer’s never report on in the USA. As soon as I am able, God willing, I will send to you a donation. Keep up the great and wonderful work you are doing for America.

  • ProtectOurCivilRightsFreedoms -

    P.S. Thank you for posting the videos you post with your informative original articles. I probably would not have found the videos on the Internet if you did not post them as your choice and picks of important videos to view. My time is limited on the Internet daily as I have a great deal to do every day and night. I enjoy seeing your links to the information in your very helpful “Want To Know More?” section. If only the USA controlled media would throw off its purchased evil chains and report the unbiased facts and truth as clearly as you do!! What a great service YOU are doing for the American people, the USA, for civil rights & freedoms for all people in general. Keep up the great work you are doing!!

  • I don’t take alot of what he says seriously, consider the gov already controls the churches (tax exemption strings) they don’t need to debt/tax you to death to take over your property, pay property taxes? they already own it, the minute they want your property they will do like they have been doing, take it, look at land seziures over no crimes, just suspicious of crimes, or false accusation is all it takes to take your property without just comepensation, all they have to do is raise your taxes beyond what you can pay and walla, property is gone your homeless. he is only a distraction by the elites, they can collpse it anytime they are ready, they don’t need to do all that he speaks about, they will force these doc and nurses to work they are just trying to do it in a way to avoid a total uprising and revolts until their police state is put in place, of course I don’t know that for sure. homeless? no problem we have fema camps where you can work for your bowl of rice, and you can earn credits to buy other stuff.

  • Going back to the very begining…. God promised Adam he would die if he ate from the ‘one’ tree. To be fruitful and fill the earth as he had mad the earth for man. Satan (fallen Angel)charged it was a lie… that you would not die. Well we know who the liar was.We were all born after that so we inheret sin, and die. Since we were made with free will. He wanted us to look around this earth, know we have a creater, and thank him for the things we do have. But instead we have become the “ME” generation, unthankful, disloyal, disrespectful, etc.. Satan charged ‘give me a chance & I can turn anyone against you” (Job)So Jehovah God had given us as humans to prove we do need him… but we are at the end and must choose him or Satan

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