For those that still need to open their minds about the one world herding to total hive/worker bee domination, you may want to take the time to break your brainwashing by watching David Icke’s presentation about the matrix from Wembley on October 27, 2012.  If you still think that our totally backwards and upside down world is somehow the norm, watch the Black Friday shoppers corporate owned moos fighting over cell phones and ask yourself if this is all we were meant to be?

David Icke, Remember Who You Are, Part 1:

David Icke, Remember Who You Are, Part 2:

David Icke, The Saturn/Moon Matrix:

David Icke : Wembley Arena London – Agenda 21 Monsanto – 2012 [HD] Live – NEW

And then there is Mark Dice who understands….

Ridiculing Shoppers in Line on Black Friday at the Entrance of Best Buy

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