An Economic Collapse Primer For The Corporate Owned Moos

I’m sure most of you have heard of or seen Ann Barnhardt around YouTube over the course of the last few years.  Although I do not share Ann’s very vocal religious commitment,  I have a massive amount of respect for that very same vocal commitment, her integrity with her business, and her blunt face-forward commentary about our politicians, our country, and the world we live in.  That being said, turn off the global brainwashing device called the television, sit down, and watch this video presentation explaining what happened to the global economy, why we are already off the cliff, how Jon Corzine’s fiscal rape of MF Global clients was the bell tolling for the rule of law in our markets, and what can be done once we crash.  Ann explains it very succinctly in layman’s terms that even the most average American can understand.  This presentation is about 2-1/2 hours and includes quite a bit of Karl Denninger’s work also.  I know there are many financial guru’s out there but these two people (alongside Catherine Austin Fitts) should be given kudos for doing the math and then explaining it to the rest of us as most Americans just do not realize the gravity or scope of what has been done to us.  We can never walk back what the global bankers/elites have done.  The math just does not support it.

(Sidenote: I am having technical issues with my vid galleries at the moment, so please hit this link to access all eight parts of this presentation.  Also, there is a workbook, found here, that goes along with the videos.)

Ann Barnhardt: The Economy Is Going To Implode, Part 1

By Logistics Monster


  • So good to have you back, DT! Thank you for putting together this post. It is astonishing that so many voted against their own interests in this election, and that so many women have regressed to pre-feminist days so that they only identify with their “lady parts.” I thought we fought like hell to be seen as MORE than that, but not any more. Go figure.

    I am extremely concerned abt the direction this nation is heading, especially with 4 more years of Obama, already out threatening the job-creators. We can thank the unions, the 6.7% of Americans who now control the rest of us, for handing WI, OH, and NV to Obama (I would contend FL, too). That thug, Trumka, is bragging abt it – and we will all pay the price…

    GREAT having you back!

    • Thanks so much, but do you really think that the unions handed this election to Obama? Did he really actually win? I’m not so sure…

      More importantly, was there any real difference between the luciferian on the left and the luciferian on the right?

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