The Monster Rides Again!

Well Monster readers, I am officially back in the saddle, and none too soon it appears as the loss of the Republic two days ago with the re-election re-installation of the Dictator By Executive Order is prompting a slew of new United Nations and Global Elites’ assaults on our sovereign liberty.  NOT that Romney would have been any better, and in some cases, much worse.  The self-centered little shit currently in the WH is a known commodity and there is no chance of a herd of corporate owned moos being wooed, distracted and then betrayed by their glorious leader.  We KNOW who Barack Obama is, we know what to expect, and where to look for the smoking guns.

In just the first two days, we are hearing about a carbon tax (what a joke AND remember that breathing creates pollution), the establishment GOP talking about being open to raising taxes on us poor serfs in hopes of avoiding the ‘fiscal cliff’ that they have driven the nation to (5 FRAKKIN’ TRILLION DOLLARS IN ADDITIONAL DEBT IN 4 YEARS?), AND new talks about the United Nations small arms treaty.  Talk about a Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system; namely yours, mine, and the rest of the patriots in this once great nation.

What I would really like to talk about though, is where we go from here.  Just about a year ago when my family took 3 huge financial body blows in a matter of weeks, I had to focus on figuring out how we were going to survive.  By that time, I had amassed a mountain of research that all leads back to the global banks, global elites, the United Nations, and the unbelievable transfer of wealth OUT of America that has been going on since Reagan’s time in office.  My family unit spent the last year limping along until the final decision was made to move back to the mainland.  I want to thank all those readers who through their generosity helped my family and I get back here.  Now it is my turn to help others that are stranded there to make the same move I just did.  It wasn’t easy as I was forced to sell everything that I had worked for over the course of a decade just to be able to pay my bills and ship the few possessions we wanted to keep.   The sense of loss for the first couple of weeks back overshadowed my happiness, but I realized that it was important preparation for the dark, dark days ahead.  I know you all know how screwed we are, and after the dog and pony show this past Tuesday, a good percentage of the ostriches have pulled their heads out of the ground now.  I want you to know that there is no ‘fiscal cliff’ any longer.  We went over the cliff a long time ago and have been in free fall for years.  If you listen closely, you can hear the ground rushing up to meet us.  We are f***ed.  You know it, I know it, Karl Denninger and Ann Barnhardt know it.  Worst of all, the bankers know it and they are sucking every little cent out of this economy and your wallets as I write this.  That was the plan all along.

So what do we do now?  Well, if you have spent any time at all on this site, you know that I am constantly writing about preparing for the cataclysmic social shift that is going to occur when our paper money is no longer recognized as a means of currency.  Have any of you actually thought about what this country is going to look like when all those Obamaphone women and men are no longer getting a food card, welfare, state handouts, etc.?  The entire country (especially in large, urban, metro areas) is going to look like Staten Island currently does after Sandy with incredibly aggressive and angry mobs looking for their next meal.  The last thing you want to be doing is living side by side with these people, unarmed, unprepared, and looking for leadership.  What the hell do you think the Department of Homeland Security has been prepping for?

If you are still  living in a large city, get out.  Don’t screw around, do the hard work, and get the hell out into a smaller community of more like minded individuals and build a support network.  If you can’t do that due to age, job, health, etc.; then build that support network ahead of time, make a plan, and have a place to go when all hell breaks loose.  If you can, move close to other family members as there is power in numbers.  If you are not armed yet, WHY?  If you still believe that the globalists will never disarm America, you are deluding yourself.  This is one of their number one priorities alongside the collapse of our economy.  The only people standing against their ‘one world government’, ‘one world religion’, ‘one world food’ program has been and always will be well armed, well fed, vigilant, patriotic Americans who would tell the United Nations to ‘blow them’ because they can take care of themselves.  You will have to excuse my language, but after ten years of living side by side with thousands of Obamaphone ‘children’ waiting for their next handout, I’m over it.  The Democratic party and their membership are nothing but children who are looking to get rich without doing the work as evidenced by the posturing, gloating, and offensive language about and towards anybody that doesn’t agree with their rose colored glasses mentality.  They were easy pickins’ for the globalists and the Republicans could be bought also.  Why else would the establishment put forward McCain in ’08 and Romney this year.

Which brings me to my next point.  Folks, we are in end-game right now, and I’m not talking about December 21st.  Whatever happens on that day, if anything, is probably not going to be anything in comparison to the amount of crushing assaults on our personal liberty and our economy that are going to be heaped on us in the next seven weeks (as evidenced by the last two days).  What can we do when both political parties are just flanks of a globalist assault to take over America and we have a dictator (who is probably already picking out his retirement home somewhere in the Middle East) signing executive orders whenever he pleases about whatever he pleases?  Are you understanding the loss of the republic I was speaking about now?  Do you really think that being political, calling your congressman, and banging your head against the District of Criminals wall is really going to help your family in the next year?

My advice to you is to read Drudge, this site, Financial Times, Market Ticker, Oathkeepers, Ann Barnhardt, and any other site that is giving you accurate NEWS reports of actual happenings that have been verified.  If you have to listen to conservative talk radio, listen to Mark Levin.  Read, stay informed, watch the movements of the big banks and the Federal Reserve, and prepare, prepare, prepare!  There are very dark days ahead.

As for me, I am looking into some very interesting executive orders that the cloaked muslim signed earlier this year…

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    Well hello Diamond! So glad to see you still kicking and are back on the mainland of the United Soviet FEMA Districts of Ameristan! Welcome home comrade!

    Everything you have just written is 100% accurate. Buckle up Ameristan we are in for one hell of a sudden stop when this free fall ends!

    • Thanks so much for the welcome Madman. Good to see a familiar face!!!! How the heck are you corporate owned moo? Oh that’s right, you’re not!

      • Hey, from the Ticker this morning…a 40% contraction to the markets coming…

        This is not about politics, it’s about arithmetic.

        Now consider folks what happens when we can’t buy forward economic output with ever-increasing amounts of debt?

        The economy collapses back to its sustainable size. The government is forced to collapse itself back to its sustainable size. Government will kick, scream and shove, and so will the so-called “entitled”, but it doesn’t matter; arithmetic doesn’t care about politics nor shouting. It just is.

        And by the way, from 2010 forward debt is no longer expanding; the total systemic debt change upward from 1Q 2010 to today, including the furious rate of new federal debt, is +0.9%.

        The pattern from 1953 until 2010 has now been violated; we went off the Wile-E-Coyote cliff and have been furiously pedaling our legs in the air wondering why we’re not moving forward any more — but have yet to look down.

        It’s a long way down.

        In 2000 we had to accept about a 10% contraction in the size of government to restore balance after the tech bubble. In 2007, after we played “kick the can” with a housing bubble, we had to accept about a 20% contraction. In 2007 and 2008 when I wrote to Congress and started The Ticker, I pointed out that were this cycle to be extended by more games the expected contraction that would be built into the government would be forty percent and the expected time before this outcome became emergent and blew up in our face was, based on the previous cycle times, about four years.

        I wasn’t right, and the market is not taking a header, because I’m the smartest guy in the room.

        I was and am right because arithemetic is not comprised of suggestions, it is comprised of laws that cannot be violated. Each and every time you cheat, no matter who is doing the cheating or for what purpose, you are simply compounding damage into the economy and markets that must eventually be recognized in some form or fashion. It cannot be otherwise because it is impossible for any other outcome to occur in a world where none of us are God and thus we cannot wave our hand or give a nod and violate the laws of mathematics and physics.

        Time’s up.

  • Welcome home; it’s good to see you back in the mix. You’ve been missed. Hope you had a good journey home and are in a much better place.

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s still tough but nothing like the last few years in Hawaii. I have to thank the local population of the Big Island for being such mean sobs to me and my family for the last decade – it’s made us exceptionally thick skinned and able to withstand almost anything. Nothing like being called a haole bitch to your face on a daily basis to make one toughen up.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    So great to hear you are back : I propose that we get our friends, patriots, fellow concerned citizens to organize into major issue groups . some ideas: The purpose is not to complain but to inspire action : functional action . We beat back amnesty under Bush because we were organized and had our congressmen / senators and the MSM on speed dial . We can do this :
    some ideas and hope others can expand the list . 1. revolution against the UN

    2. revolution against all of the green energy hoaxes and scams

    3. revolution against obama’s obscene waste , fraud , and abuse of power

    4. revolution against amnesty of any type

    5. revolution against voter fraud :

    6. revolution against the corrupt criminal media

    7 . revolution against the indoctrination education system
    ( gun control , obamacare, personal liberties )
    and so on and so on and so on :

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    FOX News says that thousands of citizens from 20 sates have officially petitioned to secede from the USA. They each need 25,000 signatures to be formally acted on and a few sates are already approaching that number. The betting is Texas will get their first, Louisiana second.

    Petitions can be signed at White

  • Diamond,

    While you have been away, I was surprised to find, that many in urban cities have similar ideas, but also that they are willing to work together. One recent thing that surprised me was the health food people that actually are gun owners via my time-line on twitter. “No GMO and Lock and load”?

    I am still all PEACE and love, my brother says he will have to rescue me along w/ the younger one…both continue to tell me to get a gun, I refuse. I am surprised at the continued erosion of our rights, but believe that there has to a larger amount of good people that the corrupt.

    Any hoo, in 2008 I was amazed at how people pulled because we wanted a better future…I still believe we can pull together during a crisis for the better.

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