Clint Eastwood’s Speech at RNC ‘We Own This Country’ – (Full Video)

Clint Eastwood gave a good speech while having a conversation with an invisible ‘Mr.’ Obama. The speech was the usual red meat for the GOP establishment types with a unspoken hat tip to Ron Paul(?) about bringing home all the troops from Afghanistan tomorrow. But the crowd went wild on comments like ‘we own this country’ and ‘when somebody does not do the job, we gotta let em go’ when speaking about politicians being our employees and the need to fire them when they aren’t getting the job done.  

1 thought on “Clint Eastwood’s Speech at RNC ‘We Own This Country’ – (Full Video)”

  1. Dirty Harry tells it like it is. His conversation with an empty chair was appropriate since the chair in the Oval office has been empty of substance for almost 4 years.

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