As some of my readers know, the last couple years have been unbelievably tough for my family and for theirs. Now we have a theme song that embraces that uphill struggle as everything around us is contracting.  Trace Adkins unveiled a song at the Republican National Convention that finally hammers home what makes Americans so much different from the rest of the world, namely our resilience to natural and manmade tragedies and our diamond forged spines.  Our enemy, the global elite, has once again underestimated us, and are creating some of the toughest Americans by forging millions of us in the hellfires of economic depression.  I guess they don’t remember the last time they did this to us?

For all those that are still here, standing their ground, and pushing that boulder uphill while wearing cement shoes, listen to this new song from Trace Adkins, ‘Tough People Do‘, then stand up and take a moment to pat yourself on the back for still breathing and getting stronger by the minute.   We ain’t beaten yet, the worst and best is yet to come…

(And DO NOT let this song become the theme song for the Romney/Ryan campaign because as the song lyrics suggest, times change, people don’t.)

Hit the link below to hear the song.

Trace Adkins unveils GOP theme: ‘Tough People Do’

TAMPA, Fla. – Ann Romney had just finished her Republican National Convention speech Tuesday night that dished on her patriotic husband Mitt when mammoth blue collar country star Trace Adkins unveiled a new song that could easily be the Romney-Ryan campaign theme song: “Tough people do.”

Performing at Liberty Plaza next to the Tampa Bay Times Forum, home to the convention, the top-selling baritone poured out the new and patriotic song that rivals the post 9/11 Toby Keith hit, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”

Adkins hoped the song would provide a theme to Americans upset with politicians and the mainstream media who he feels have given up hope for an economic recovery. His song is likely to become a red, white and blue theme song for the blue class.

(On a personal note, for those that have donated and helped my family get closer to some breathing room, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!  I would also like to thank the global elite for creating their own implement of destruction, AND I want to thank the coworker that brutally betrayed me and the boss that threw me under the bus.  I think tough looks awesome on me…)

Trace Adkins at the RNC, ‘Tough People Do’:

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