New Documentary: ‘THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?’ (UPDATED)

(Editor’s Note: Update follows original article.)

I ran across a new documentary that is scheduled for it’s global premiere this Friday, 11.11.2011 all across the world.  It will be streaming from the website for a $5 fee starting on that date. The official trailer is below and two items caught my attention; a statement, “My name is Foster Gamble and I have spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out what happened that could account for the staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.”, and an image with the Bank of International Settlements that I never thought I would see (see image after the break).  Interviews in the film include Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O’Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, John Perkins, Paul Hawken, Aqeela Sherrills, Evon Peter, Angel Kyodo Williams, Elisabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

There are too many unanswered questions for Americans to continue to remain brainwashed and voluntarily enslaved by the elites.  I am planning on viewing this documentary and will update this post with my thoughts.  I am hoping readers will check out the trailer and the film themselves.

(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

UPDATE, 11.13.2011 Editor’s Notes:

I viewed this documentary late last night and as promised, I am updating this article with thoughts and reaction.  For those that are not regular Monster readers, I will state my disclaimer that I am a libertarian, I do support Ron Paul and his message, I believe the global elite has pitted the right and left against each other to control both, that we have a one party system with two heads, that the corporate owned media delivers the message that the elites want you to hear, that the central banking system was created to enslave the entire world and turn us into serfs (example: slave to credit ratings and now future employers are checking your credit rating?), and there wasn’t anything new in this film for me except ‘free energy’ which I have heard about but not had the time to investigate.

NormaJean left a comment when this article was first posted stating:

D.T, As hungry as we all may be to move away from the subliminal daily PR nudging from the elites during this pathetic political process….please tell us if you have discovered any truth to the following…is this another movement to heard the people of this once fine nation?

My response would be to state that I do believe this is another movement to herd Americans, but not what the middle and the right would automatically think (because they’ve been trained). The center/right is very suspicious now of anybody that tries to offer a solution and we do the due diligence to find out who these people are.  The center/right is almost totally indoctrinated by the global elites into believing that there is no solution to the problems we face; like the ATM commercial; ‘just accept it’.  The left, not so much (on all counts).  I believe this film is intended to educate the very corporate owned moos on the left from somebody who is on the left about how both left and right are the tools of the global elites to bring down America.  The liberal left has been trained to further the globalists’ agenda through the philosophy of scarcity and fear.  The right  has been trained to further the globalists’ agenda through further rape and pillage of the planet instead of looking for alternative energies that are free.  I know for a fact (from talking to liberals and conservatives) that MANY people are still unaware of the Fed’s private banking status, unaware that we pay interest on our money, unaware that our country is being run from Basel, Switzerland.  Unaware.  This film will change all that if enough liberals watch it.  The conservatives will just write it off as a new-ager with an elite background who they won’t trust.  We already know this information, but because we have been divided by the elites decades ago, we don’t trust each other and don’t find common ground anymore.  The center/right has to accept that they have been as brainwashed as the left.  The popularity of FoxNews and Bill O’Reilly are a perfect testament to that.  When, in America, did become okay to just throw polls out because one does not like the results?

Just look at how many people have unsubscribed from this site (almost 10%) since I became a vocal Ron Paul supporter.  Why?  They believe that Ron Paul’s message is silly, protectionist, absurd, and that Ron Paul himself is un-electable.  They would rather choose between the marketed brands that the global elite and their media minions are offering, than opt-out of the entire process by supporting a true American statesman that would stop the elites in their tracks.  How many center/right readers have taken my suggestion and moved their money out of the mega-banks and supported their local communities by putting their money in a locally owned credit union?  Probably not very many.  They are going to keep going along until it hurts them personally…and then it’s going to be too late.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I’ve taken some time to look at the chatter on the net about Foster Gamble.  Gamble is getting hammered for being part of the Proctor & Gamble family, and I understand that one needs to get one’s own house in order before preaching to the masses, but what if:

  • This man isn’t directly connected to the running of P&G on a daily basis? (Meg Whitman is on the board but Gamble isn’t listed.)
  • This man has become a black sheep in his family for being a new ager?
  • This man believes he can have a greater impact on the left by doing something on a larger scale?

These are just questions as I find little information about Foster Gamble other than the diatribes against him and the new ager philosophy that he espouses.

What I have found is that the rants against Mr. Gamble are written about his elite background without viewing the film first.  I have to wonder why a man with an elite background would expose the private banking cartels, eugenics, suppression of free energy and cancer cures, the corporate owned media, the Disclosure Project, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Foundations, BIS, World Bank, Economic Hitmen, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, the Vatican, and the planned genocide of people worldwide.  What good does it do the global elite if people actually follow his suggestions (many of which I have been talking about for years, i.e. End The Fed, End The IRS, End DHS, Repeal the Patriot Act), and end up dismantling the control grid?  That’s my question; “How does taking back control help the elites?”  The only possible gain for the globalists is if the left accepts the information, starts using it, and then the 80% of the American population that is center/right goes the opposite direction because they don’t like/trust liberals and won’t listen to anything a liberal says.  Then the globalists end up with everything.

Foster Gamble and his wife are trying to wake up the left to the real destroyers among us by showing how a small group of global elites have taken over control of everything we need to survive (food, medicine, education, energy) through financial control and indentured servitude to debt.  They, like us, know that there isn’t a shortage of anything and that we ALL have been lied to for decades. It might be time for the center/right to stop drinking the elites’ koolaid, turn your heads and look at the real evil in the world.

I would like to add that one of the fingerprints of the global elite besides creating two-fer benefit packages (9.11) is to identify early those that are the smartest people in the room or those that have great appeal and co-opt them to their agenda.  Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Allen West….and the list goes on and on and on.

Spend the $5, and let me know what you think…

(P.S. PlayItFWD is an awesome idea and I cannot find a global elite anywhere in the background as of this writing, but you know, I’ll keep digging.)

An update: this posted today on Zerohedge:

European Ponzi Goes Full Retard As EFSF Found To Monetize… Itself

It also means that our earlier observation that the EFSF is an AA+ equivalent credit instrument has to be revised: pro formaing out the ponzi, means it is at best AA if not A, and most likely D if one takes away all the magic bells and Keynesian whistles, unicorns and other end of the western financial world loopholes that modern finance is forced to resort to every single day to mask the fact that every country in the developed world is now 100% bankrupt.

And this:

Colossal GeoEngineering in Plain Sight

Alex Jones

November 13, 2011

NASA reported 5 years ago that the earth is now receiving at least 20% less sunlight than 10 years before.

After 16 years of denial, the White House Science Czar John P Holdren now admits that they have been “testing” the manipulation of Earth’s atmosphere with Barium salts, Aluminum Dioxide and other toxic compounds.

Bottom line: there is a world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. They admit it’s happening, but they won’t tell us why.

By Logistics Monster


  • NormaJean -

    D.T, As hungry as we all may be to move away from the subliminal daily PR nudging from the elites during this pathetic political process….please tell us if you have discovered any truth to the following…is this another movement to heard the people of this once fine nation?


    So, who is Foster Gamble and where did he get the big money to produce “Thrive”? Does the name “Gamble” ring a bell? How about the name Proctor & Gamble? For those who have never heard of Proctor & Gamble, it is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation. It is one of the world’s biggest, most toxic corporate polluters on the face of the earth with an annual turnover of over $68 billion. Is Foster Gamble any relation to Proctor and Gamble? You betcha”

    “Foster Gamble, the creator/host/co-writer/producer of “Thrive” is an heir and direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble. This privileged movie producer was a Princeton frat boy and his partner is a former journalist for Newsweek International which merged with The Daily Beast in November 2010.”
    “Does Foster Gamble, heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune, know that P&G does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the Pentagon and is one of the top contractors for the U.S War Dept.? Does he know that P&G did business with Nazi Germany’s Third Reich? Of course he does. Does Foster Gamble know that P&G distributes Genetically Modified contaminated food and that they produced the controversial fat substitute olestra, marketed under the name Olean (a synthetic combination of fatty acids and sugar bound together in molecules too large for the human body to absorb or digest). Of course he does. Does Foster Gamble know that P&G is the maker of water-contaminating Tide detergent, fluoride-contaminated Crest toothpaste and landfill-destroying Pampers? Does he know that P&G is assaulting Planet Earth’s environment worldwide? P&G’s one-use disposable diapers contributes to 2% of the solid waste diverted to landfills. It takes 500 years for P&G disposable diapers to decompose in a plastic garbage bag buried in a landfill. Of course he does. Why isn’t Foster Gamble, a self professed “save-the-planet” environmentalist, making a movie about boycotting Proctor and Gamble? That’s what his THRIVE movie should be all about”
    “Unfortunately people are blinded by their desire to “believe”
    in something. They want to believe that Foster Gamble isn’t as greedy, ruthless, diabolically cruel and cold hearted as his corporate ancestors. Take another look at the movie poster. Zebras don’t change their stripes.”

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t know yet, and won’t know until I watch the film. At that point, I’ll be able to see if there is any ‘nudging’ going on. I just looked at the interview list though, and find most of the people involved to be honest and sincere about taking the world back from the elites. I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned. That is why I wrote that I will post my thoughts after viewing.

      Answer me this; have you ever seen anybody list the Bank of International Settlements anywhere in any image or article? Anybody besides me and a few other ‘crazies’?

      • Thanks D.T., as always I look forward to your insightful conclusions.

        • Hey – haven’t had a chance to stream it – probably later tonight or tomorrow —-but, from looking at the associated pages on the website, I am not seeing anything we didn’t know already. It appears (right now) to be a way to make money, but it also does one thing that I haven’t seen yet (besides my site) which is pulling it all together. Big Pharma, Military Industrial, Globalists, the Money Master —- all of it in one tidy package.

          I’ll write more when I watch it – because – $5 is not too much money to learn something new.

          • I just finished screening this film, and my initial feeling was right – this film pulls the threads together in one tidy package for everyone to see and understand. The only thing that the movie does not cover at all is the entire Agenda 21 movement, the satanists behind and the Lucis Trust. I guess telling people that they are going to be herded into small enclaves after most of the population is dead is a bridge too far for most to grasp.

            I’ll post more indepth remarks later today, but I do suggest that anybody who wants to understand how the global elite has destroyed our country (and the rest of the world) views the film and sends it on to others. The key to any change in the status quo is to wake up more people. This film goes way beyond any typical political classification. I did a few minutes of digging on Foster and though he is getting bashed all across the internet for being a ‘Gamble’, I have not found any connection between him and P&G – rather I found that Meg Whitman is on the Board of P&G (among others). It appears that Mr. Gamble is a libertarian with a lofty vision of how the world can be – something that often happens to those that never had to ‘survive’ – but still necessary for hope to stay alive.

            I’m rambling – more later.

    • the speakers touted here are a who’s who of un enthralled one world government ‘elitists’. the very psychopaths they appear to be ‘outing’ are themselves – the founders, funders, and soulless indoctrinated minions of the vehicle for global dictatorship, the united nations. if david icke is knowingly and willingly included in this line-up of genocidal maniacs (barbara marx hubbard??!! seriously?)i will certainly walk away from him with no reservations. please take the time to check out these criminals thoroughly. they want you and your children dead. your neighbor’s children, too. please do not be taken in by the expensive, professional presentations. these are the destroyers of the earth and her inhabitants, they will do ANYTHING to implement control over every human being on the face of the earth. they are toxic beyond rehabilitation. these people are not your friends. find out why. before it is too late.

  • Cindy Richards -

    This is an activist organism. I have always had a heart for humanity and at 12 began my activism, started a group CORY (Committee of Responsible Youth). Since then I have petitioned, lobbied, protested, picketed, boycotted, fought at my court levels, spent endless hours of research……ran the gambit. My experiences have left me humbled; there have been huge wins and huge loses, I have been battered and bruised, had close calls with death by litigation and was discouraged by the reality of the system. But continued the fight because I innately knew there was a better way. All of my dreams for humanity, my hopes for our planet, the pain and suffering I carried for others, was liberated on 11/11/11. The truth has set us free, we have been given the tools to THRIVE: an activists organism, it is the problem, the solution and the outcome it is the truth and the greatest gift to humanity!

  • tiger – they do not cover agenda 21 at all because they ARE agenda 21.

    united nations agenda 21 sustainable development, the agenda for the 21st century. key words: united nations.

    the criminal elite of our governments and multi-national corporations are the same criminal elite who founded and fund the UN. the most evil who walk our earth control the governments and the un. how could it be otherwise? the un has one purpose: to take complete control of the entire world through agenda 21, which would necessitate killing off about 85% of the population for greater ease of control, and herding the survivors into ‘human habitats’ where they will work for the state. it is not a secret much anymore. it is there to be seen.

    you seem to understand that agenda 21 is not about sustainable development but sustainable enslavement. i hope you will dig a little deeper re the people involved in this group. try barbara marx hubbard first. here is ms hubbard quoting her spirit guide: “out of the full spectrum of human personality…one- fourth is destructive…they are defective seeds…in the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death’. the elders the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body. fortunately, you…are not responsible for this act. we are. we are in charge of god’s selection process for death…we come to bring death…the riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. this is the most painful period in the history of humanity”

    i do not accept this as my future. or my childrens’. or your childrens’.

    make your choice. before it is made for you.

    • Thanks Arcadia for your comments.

      We, as individuals are the creators of all that we experience. The “world” is only a projection of what goes on in our minds. Those whom we call “controllers of the world” are really only “controllers of our minds”. The only way they are “controllers of our minds” is if WE ARE NOT!

      When we are willing to take 100% responsibility for whatever we experience in our life rather than become victims, we can then go on to the next step.

      From their page…” the universe is coming to life, purposely and in accordance with a finely tuned cosmic code that is the precise functional equivalent of DNA in the terrestrial biospace”

      Personally, I will forgo the memetic coding and continue to place my faith in the Trinity. Their first step toward Evolutionary Synthesis, a perspective into the thinking of Barbara Maxx Hubbard:

      And Foster Gamble, a political contributor to (telling) and affiliated with Wisdom University. Pay particular attention to: “Part 3- A Political Theater toward the Transformation of the American Presidency 2012”.
      “rapidly growing movement of self organizing and integration which is neither left nor right, but forward, upward and whole.”

    • How about Catherine Austin Fitts or G. Edward Griffin? Are you saying these two people who are interviewed in this film and are proponents of breaking up the Fed and the big banks are working for the globalists?

      I love discussions like this.

      • Perhaps Foster Gamble, is part of a disinformation campaign to lure in the unsuspecting.

        This documentary is a Who’s Who New Age line-up – all plugging a planet in distress in need of a solution, and the need to use any and all information being covered up – including full disclosure.

        Deception can be so convoluted.

  • they took off the documentary, why???? does anybody know where can i watch it?


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