Here we are, completely off the rails economically, watching the EU turn to China for cash, with ‘Occupy’ gearing up for riots and more violence in the streets worldwide, and what do we hear from the pResident and major candidates?  More stimulus (because the first three worked so damn well), and tax reform.  Dr. Paul is a major proponent of ending the Federal Reserve banking system that has strangled this country, but today, I spent two hours learning more about the history of banking, and specifically, American banking history than was even an afterthought in my classroom decades ago.  It is too much of a coincidence that every time an American president starts speaking about the government printing money, or actually does it, that president is assassinated.

Meet Bill Still, the creator of an award winning documentary about the enslavement of humanity by the big bankers, monetary reform, and a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

I urge my readers to take the time to watch the entire documentary, including the last few minutes, as there are necessary pieces of the monetary puzzle contained herein, including solutions.  The two major tenets include our currency not being backed by gold (because there is a finite amount and the banks own it), and that it does not matter what backs a currency, just who exactly controls the currency. (And in our pathetic interest bearing case, it happens to be the PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL known as the Federal Reserve with the international bankers standing behind it.  Can SOMEONE please explain to me why we have to borrow money from the big banks to give back to the big banks to keep them from failing?)

Bill Still on monetary reform:

The global economy continues to crash, unemployment continues to spiral upwards, government budgets are tightening dramatically in the wake of the global real estate bubble; a bubble that was specifically caused by banks being in complete control of the money supply instead of sovereign nations being in control of their national currency.  That is the basic problem we are facing and until this problem is addressed, no amount of national austerity will stop this continuing cascade of negative economic events.

Monetary reforms rests of two great enviable pillars to me.  The first one is that government borrowing must be forbidden. The second one is that banks must stop lending money that do not have.

Mr. Still adds that being able to create money is the very definition of a sovereign nation because a nation will become a servant to it’s lender otherwise.

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