This guy is unbelievable.  Herman Cain answering questions about the Federal Reserve by Reality Reporter Julio Rausseo.  Mr. Cain thinks that the Federal Reserve was doing a great job up until 2000 and now they have gone off track.  He believes that ending the fed would be tantamount to grounding all planes after one plane crash and he believes that the $10 trillion in debt that was racked up by Congress because the Fed gave them a credit card was all okay because sound economic policy was in place and foreign investors were buying our debt.  He states that he disagrees with printing money out of thin air, but believes that unsound economic policy than does not grow the economy has caused our debt to be less than appealing to buyers.   Where Mr. Cain completely misses the point is that the DEBT IS UNSUSTAINABLE, should never have been allowed to happen in the first place, and that it was made possible by the Federal Reserve Banking System.  (Please take the time to check out the related links following the video.)

If the Federal Reserve is so unbelievably indispensable, how the hell did our country make it the first 137 YEARS WITHOUT IT AND THE INCOME TAX? 

“Sound economic policy means ‘don’t run up the national debt from $10.4 trillion to $14.7 trillion in two and a half years.” – Herman Cain

Herman Cain: We Can Fix The FED, 10.13.2011:

Why wouldn’t a populace end a central bank that is charging them $4 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY in interest on their own money? Why wouldn’t a populace end a central bank that is printing money out of thin air by using fractional lending? Why wouldn’t a populace end a central bank that is loaning TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Americans’ money to foreign banks IN SECRET? Why wouldn’t a populace end a central bank that was planned in secret by BANKERS, run in secret, and voted into law on a CHRISTMAS EVE?  Why wouldn’t a populace end a central bank that is profiting from their loss?

If you still don’t understand how the Federal Reserve and the international banking pirates are looting our and our children’s, children’s, children’s life energy, please take the time to watch this 30 minute documentary on ‘The American Dream’.

The American Dream (Full Length):

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