I do believe that Herman Cain did not realize how many Americans are ticked off with the Federal Reserve, just exactly how ticked those Americans are, nor how many Americans understand that the Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel that needs to be ended.  Mr. Cain has really torpedoed his campaign by lying in response to Dr. Paul’s question to him during the Dartmouth GOP presidential debate this evening about comments that Mr. Cain made on December 29, 2010.  Quite a few people, yours truly included, are concerned that Herman Cain is a Fed insider after becoming a member of the board of the Kansas City Fed in 1992 and chairman in 1996.  How does a restaurant CEO with a bachelors in mathematics and a masters in computer science get a place at the table of the group setting economic policy?  Can someone answer me that?

What follows is the question and the actual audio of Mr. Cain’s responses to a question about auditing the Federal Reserve.

Dr. Ron Paul’s highlights from the debate:

Entire Bloomberg/Washington Post GOP presidential debate at Dartmouth College, 10.11.2011:

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