“If We Lose America, We Lose The World To The Elites” (UPDATED)

Are you ready for shivers Monster readers? I am currently trying to find out the identity of this very well educated and eloquent young man who gives the best explanation of states’ rights, fiat currency, fractional lending, The Fed and the coming financial apocalypse to his fellow ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protestors. I suggest you send this video viral. I will update as more information comes in.


It appears that Glenn Beck’s disparagement of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement met it’s match when Chris’s rant hit YouTube and blows Beck’s painting of the stupid, violent, uninformed, coopted protestors out of the water. It appears that Glenn tried to bash Chris and there was a response:

“CptnMidnite Responds To Glenn Beck” End the Fed / Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street – October 7, 2011 Chris answers some questions and refers to a video of him posted on YouTube a week earlier by Philip Small which can be seen on Philip’s blog smallstoryvisuals.com/blog/ and on his YouTube account Small1124. The video is also on the YouTube account of StephenHannardADGUK where it has received over 200,000 hits as of this date. Chris has the YouTube account*** CptnMidnite and the webpage whataboutliberty.com. His Twitter is AboutLiberty and email is whataboutliberty@gmail.com. *** youtube.com/profile?user=cptnmidnite

By Logistics Monster

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