Bob Chapman On The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement And The End Of The Federal Reserve, 10.7.2011

Alex Jones interviews Bob Chapman about Soros and attempting to hijack the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, and Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) coming out and stating sympathy for the protestors’ point of view.  Mr. Chapman states that he believes the people behind the protests want to have confrontations between protestors and law enforcement so as to give the Obama administration cover to declare martial law.  This movement looks more like the French Revolution than the American Revolution.

Bob Chapman: The Jig is Up for The Fed 1/2:

Bob Chapman: The Jig is Up for The Fed 2/2:

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  • John Juan Smith -


    For all the sympathy it inspires, the movement may struggle to build mass participation.

    Edgar Aracena, a New Jersey-based organizer for the Health Professionals and Allied Employees union, has been an activist since he was a student in the early 1980s. He said many Americans have an ideological problem with economic-based protests. “There is a fantasy in the United States that we are all middle class and we will all be the boss one day. People buy into that,” he said.

    Aracena said as he tries to organize workers he would characterize as the working poor, they question whether they need the protection of a union, telling him, “We are not the working poor, we are professionals.”

    In Europe, by contrast, Aracena said, workers proudly identify themselves as working class. So when something happens to spark potential outrage and protest, workers are clear which side of the system they stand on.

    • What will happen to this movement when the Eurozone collapse and drags down the dollar with it? Maybe a few more people marching on their state capitols.

  • I agree with Bob Chapman this time. Winter is coming and the kids can’t stay out there forever. ‘Never know though because they are collecting a weekly check from Move On to cause civil unrest.

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