Florida Straw Poll Results, 9.24.2011(UPDATED)

The Florida Straw Poll results are out:

According to Rick Scott there are 2,657 total votes and here is the breakdown:

Herman Cain – 986 votes, 37.1%

Rick Perry – 15.4% (According to Palm Beach Post)

Mitt Romney – 372 votes, 14%

Rick Santorum – 289 votes, 10.9%

Ron Paul – 276 votes, 10.4%

Newt Gingrich – 224 votes, 8.4%

Jon Huntsman – 60 votes, 2.3%

Michele Bachmann – 40 votes, 1.5%

Vote Total: 2,247

Where are the other 410 votes?

Yes, I was right; Rick Scott left Rick Perry’s name off this list.  Check it out for yourself:

By Logistics Monster


  • um, i think you left out the results for rick perry. he received 15.4% of the vote if front of Romney.

    • I was listening to Scott read off the numbers and no vote total or percentage for Rick Perry. Where did you get your information?

  • Scott obviously made a mistake. He meant to leave Ron Paul off the tally, Not Rick perry.

    • Rick Scott said that the road to the White House was through Florida. If that’s true, then we are so very screwed. The sheeple do not realize that Herman Cain is the ultimate big bank insider as a former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. The international bankers and elites are going for the gold by placing their man on the inside instead of using puppets.


  • Votes counted 2,657, population of Florida is 17,019,068. Also you would have to know which counties these votes came from. Florida is probably as good of a cross section of voters you will find. The thing is you have to consider the source so to speak.

    • Very interesting, and just what I would expect. Oh well, will it be Barbie Candidate A, B, or C? Since the moos can’t seem to get their heads of our their feedtrough enough to think clearly.


    Garry Johnson received no votes? Typical florida voting scheme. None of these people should beat Ron Paul. I say out and out fraud for a straw poll.

    • But don’t you know Doug that Ron Paul and all his followers are ‘crazy’ for wanting to have sound money, no more IRS, no more Federal Reserve creating bubbles, no more shipping our soldiers all over the world to fight ‘engagements’ for the elites’ agendas on our dime? What is wrong with you Doug – more koolaid for you!!! Get back in your cage line!

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