For those Americans still asleep and wondering why peoples around the world hate American Imperialism (900 military bases in 130 countries), why we are so far in debt (over $16 trillion), and who may still be asking whether we live in the Fourth Reich; this may answer some of those questions.  The following story about the CIA pulling advertisements and the reasons behind the move raises numerous questions and concerns on more than just one level.

The CIA has pulled advertising in a Detroit Arab American newspaper (Really? Taxpayer money to advertise and recruit for a ‘law enforcement’ agency that has proven it has gone rogue?) who published an AP article that found that the CIA and the NYPD were spying on Muslim Americans in New York City.  The AP published a follow up story to their original investigative piece today which follows the Arab America news piece below.

Lessons in freedom from the CIA

Agency pulls ads over spying article 

Three weeks ago, The Arab American News published a story written by The Associated Press about the CIA and the NYPD cooperating in a massive spying operation on the entire Muslim community in the New York/New Jersey area.

The following week, we published an article detailing the CIA’s denial of that activity.

As we went to press last week, Thursday, September 8, 2011, we received an email from the advertising agency which handles the CIA’s account. “The government agency for the CIA has just contacted us and wants us to remove the banners from your website for undisclosed reasons,” the agency said in its email. A representative from the advertising agency haunted our advertising director all afternoon, repeatedly asking to immediately remove the four ads that the agency just orderedeight days ago. Another email three hours later from the same agency: “Sorry to keep bothering you but the client is giving me a headache.” The CIA has canceled all advertising in The Arab American News.

This is not the first time that a goverment agency has canceled advertising with our paper because of our editorial position. A few years ago, after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Titan Corporation placed recruitment ads for bilingual translators to assist government agencies working in Iraq, including the U.S. armed forces.
The ads ran in this paper on a weekly basis in both the  Arabic and English sections. Later Titan’s officials called us and, citing our editorial position on opposing the war in Iraq, canceled all ads and told us that their company would not place any future ads in this paper. (The Arab American News took a very strong and vocal position opposing the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.)

AP IMPACT: NYPD Ethnic Tracking Included Citizens

The AP previously revealed the secret operations of the NYPD intelligence division as it mapped the Muslim community in and around New York, monitored life in ethnic neighborhoods and scrutinized mosques. The Moroccan Initiative was one of the division’s projects.

Such programs began with help from the CIA under President George W. Bush and have continued with at least the tacit support of President Barack Obama, whose administration repeatedly has sidestepped questions about them. It is unclear whether Mayor Michael Bloomberg oversaw the programs. He has refused to comment directly about them.

Asked about the story Thursday, Bloomberg said, “You’re just factually wrong,” but he did not elaborate. His spokesman, after being shown the documents, also declined to say what the mayor believed was inaccurate.

In response to the AP’s earlier stories, the CIA’s inspector general is investigating whether its unusually close relationship with the NYPD was unlawful.

Lawmakers have called on the Justice Department to investigate. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, the head of the Civil Rights Division, said Thursday he was reviewing the request, but he repeatedly refused to answer when asked if, like the NYPD documents obtained by the AP, the Justice Department considered “American Black Muslim” to be an “ancestry of interest.”


CIA pulls advertising from local Arab-American newspaper

There are numerous newspaper articles and whistleblowers confirming the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking in this country.  Open your eyes America, people that are willing to sell drugs to your children are capable of anything.

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