For those readers that still may not understand the manipulations that are occurring in the markets, precious metals, and commodities, Mike Maloney (best selling author on investing in precious metals) has done complete presentations of what is occurring (incuding facts and hard data) and what is likely to happen to fiat currencies around the world and the precious metals markets according to economic cycles and debt.  I urge my readers to take the time to educate yourselves about our devalued fiat currency, and continue to buy as much silver as you can afford.  The two-fer on this deal is that J.P. Morgan is going to take a significant hit if enough actual silver is residing in the hands of the middle class.

Mike Maloney on Why Gold And Silver (June, 2009)

Mike Maloney explains his mission of educating the public and getting as much gold and silver into the middle class’ hands as soon as possible.

Mike Maloney – The Mission (August, 2011):

Mike Maloney – Debt Collapse (August, 2011 – Entire Movie):

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