It is an incredibly sad day in America when we, as Americans, have to demand that our country return to the very Constitutional principles that moved this country forward for 135 years before the progressives and the global bankers sank their hooks into us and our wallets via the Federal Reserve, lobbyists, and special interest groups.

FACT: The Tea Party is a viable political movement affecting change in our country that started in 2007 with the Ron Paul Revolution and which gathered steam in February, 2009 with Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package.

Ron Paul Freedom March, 2008

FACT: The GOP has been trying to co-opt the real grassroots Tea Party into compromising with the ‘other party’ throwing gasoline on the fiscal fire ‘to get the ball rolling’ when it comes to affecting change in Washington.

FACT: The Tea Party endorsed and backed candidates who then won elections in both houses of Congress in November, 2010.

FACT: Tea Party Patriots are watching the newly elected congressmen and senators for political behavior instead of Constitutional and common sense behavior.

FACT: The Tea Party is not taking any prisoners.  An elected official that goes sideways and compromises on issues of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and taxation is going to get the boot next election.  Did we not say that we are sick to death of the District of Criminals destroying our country’s future through debt, taxation and the loss of liberty?

FACT: Allen West has gone political in an effort to keep Obama and the democrats from getting what they wanted and to make Obama look inept.  Was this what the tea party wanted, or did we say ‘DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!  OUR FISCAL HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND WE NEED TO PUT OUT THE FLAMES!’

Nope; I guess not.

Not only is Allen West abandoning tea party principles, but now he has descended into playing Washington’s brand of chess instead of kicking over the board and re-writing the rules with the Constitution backing him.

Allen West explains his Debt Ceiling vote

To add insult to injury, Allen West slammed Ron Paul’s foreign policy when it comes to Iran.  Remember, the Iranian revolution in 1979 was due to the US installing the Shah in 1953.  Our best and brightest are dying in foreign lands because of what our Constitution-shredding government has been doing for decades.  It has to stop and I would much rather not go the way of the Soviets…

Allen West- Ron Paul Not the Guy to be President

Our fiscal house is on fire and the establishment republicans and democrats are having a fierce discussion about whether to use gasoline or kerosene to put it out.  The Tea Party was sent to utterly and absolutely change the way Washington works, but Allen West has joined the other side by voting to raise the debt ceiling another $2.4 TRILLION, has created an UN-CONSTITUTIONAL ‘Super Congress’ of 12 establishment arsonists, and has put an impossible Catch-22 into place that forces 535 men and women to decide which will be the best way to further damage the economy in the greatest way possible.

Thanks Allen.  Thanks for adding $8 Trillion in debt and taking us farther away from our goal of smaller government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility…and all in the name of party unity.  The establishment must have done quite a number on you to get you to flip so quickly.

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