Sen. Jim DeMint’s Reaction To The Credit Downgrade

Sen. Jim DeMint on the credit downgrade by S&P yesterday including his views of the debt deal, the ‘Super Congress’, Secretary Geithner, the $2 Trillion mistake, and the possibility this was a calculated move by the Obama administration in order to raise taxes.

Sen. DeMint On The Credit Downgrade:

By Logistics Monster


  • NormaJean -

    What job could you ever keep with such ineptness and lack of accountability….unless it’s always been a part of the calculated plan of the saboteurs. Intended, yes. We can’t afford anymore of Geithner, Obama, Bernanke… .

    • NormaJean -

      Further, For those insightful voters who are responsible for electing Obama, because it would be “historic,” they have accomplished their objective. Obama is truly historic! He’s the only President in history to ever lead America to a financial downgrade, considering we endured two world wars and a depression without this ever happening. The greatness of the United States is now on par financially with Slovenia…soon to be par with Somalia. A real proud moment, great work Obama.

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