Amilya Antonetti Schools Obama On His Epic Fail At Leadership

(Editor’s Note:  This IS the video that needs to go viral as a very savvy businesswoman cuts through the politically correct verbage and very succinctly calls Obama and this administration out on their epic failure to ‘lead this country to success’.)

Neil Cavuto interviewed Soapworks’s founder and CEO, Amilya Antonetti today about America’s credit downgrade and Barack Obama’s lack of leadership skills.   She starts this segment with the advice that ‘cash is king’, that ‘everything that everybody is going to tell me is going to be a lie’, that the political class is going to try to manipulate the business community into taking risk even though the business community has been warning of a downgrade for well over a year, and then the interview really heats up when she demands that Obama apologize to the American people for his pathetic leadership.  She then passionately explains what a true leader is and does.

“I apologize.  I apologize because I did not lead this country to success.  He’s not going to be known as the first black president, he’s going to be known as the president who had a downgrade; that’s what he’s going to be known for.

Doesn’t matter; I inherit a mess every day as the CEO of my company.  Every day I inherit a mess.  That is my job title; to fix problems.  To get people to work together in harmony for one common goal.  He can’t get the people in the White House.  I don’t care if you are a red or blue, your job is to make people work together in harmony for one common goal.  The common goal is that this country is a safe, secure country to come to; this is the ‘American Dream’.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR COUNTRY?  Get these people together, not on vacation, and get them around the table, and come up with a plan; understand how you build a plan, what is the plan, what are the steps, how are we going to get there.  Why can’t you put together a plan?


Amilya Antonetti Schools Obama On His Epic Fail At Leadership

By Logistics Monster


  • Finally someone with the nerve to say what needs to be said. Now if only those she was talking about would listen.

  • cliff knight -

    This is what Obama wants. Why do you think he doesn’t seem worried? Soros pulled his money this week. Maybe GE could pay some taxes. We must get rid of him.

  • Granny gripes -

    remind everyone .. Fact .. Obama has had 2 ½ years of ABSOLUTE power over our government, the media and the lives of the legal citizen’s >>>>> Before that as “SENATOR” OBAMA, under Bush he had absolute control of the US House n Senate for 2 years .. .. his disaster .. To save this nation .. OBAMA, REID, BIDEN must resign before Monday AM .. Period …

  • Questionman -

    According to her own website, this woman is, “now the ‘Small Business Voice’ on Fox Business and a regular contributor on shows such as “Varney & Co. Nightly Scoreboard, The Willis Report.” No full disclosure here! She gets paid by FOX for her appearances for goodness sake (hello, try goggling her). You wouldn’t know that from reading the lead-in though would you? Do your research! She and FOX represent her as an “average small business owner” yet both fail to mention she’s paid to deliver her FOX friendly opinions. That’s one source of her income, maybe most of it. According to her website she employs “one to four” employees” so she really is a small, tiny, tiny, business owner. One to four?

    Forget that, she’s making her money as a TV personality. On FOX, Pandering to the racists and bigots trying to blame everything wrong in this country on the black man.

    • OMG, she’s paid by FOX NEWS!!! Alert! Alert! Alert!

      Only problem with your entire argumenT ?man is the fact that it really isn’t about Amilya so much as the message….which happens to be totally and completely on the mark. I’m sure most of my readers are bummed that they weren’t the first to say it here or in comments on another site.

      Once again, you can put the race card away because it won’t work – and neither will hobbit, terrorist, domestic terrorist, yada, yada, yada. Obama IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE MY CHILD’S BABYSITTER OR MY DOG’S WALKER – WHY WOULD ANYBODY THINK HE COULD LEAD THE FREE WORLD?

    • Dean Cornell -

      You really should watch those Mushrooms that you have been eating!

  • Practical Madman -

    Unfortunately, Obamass IS a very EFFICIENT leader. He is doing everything he was selected to do by those that he serves. He has gotten far more done than Bush accomplished for his masters! He is being very efficient in the destruction of this nation and it’s economy, all by design. “THEY” want a One World government, money and religion and America is the only thing standing in THEIR way.

    America officially DIED on 8/2/11 with the passage of the Super Congress bill. Welcome to the United Soviet FEMA Districts of Ameristan, born 8/2/11.

    There is nothing left to do but to batten down the hatches and wait out the perfect storm that has been brewing and about to hit. Cash is NOT king…..beans, bullets, band aids, bouillon, and buddies……those are the kings!

    • I agree about ‘cash not being king’ right now; I spend my federal reserve notes as fast as I can…but in relation to the markets…what would you rather have? Money turned into gold or a stock market share?

      • Practical Madman -

        Tangible realities I can sink my teeth into. Paper is not very nutritious, gold and silver are hard to digest. Yes things I can sink my teeth into or smash someone else’s in with.

  • Cash is King? WTF has she heard of inflation and seen how the dollar is taking a slow but steady dive? Sure other european governments are worse off, but the dollar is about to be demoted as the coveted monetary denomination.
    I wouldnt want any cash. give me gold/silver. cash has never been in “history” the safe haven or “truth”. duh its a fiat currency. imaginary, lets all say its worth something wink wink.
    she has some umph though. just needs to learn about what money really is.

      • she said Cash is king, she wants to get out of everything and HOARD CASH. she’s just jumping out of the kettle and into the fire. if she keeps her cash during the duration of this “recession” wink wink, she’ll lose its value. however with gold(1760.0 and going up?) or silver, or for some bullets and food, she could be better positioned than with a load of cash.
        ever seen a trillion dollar zimbabwe note?

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