The Aftershock Survival Summit (Full Video)

Newsmax has done a 42 minute video with economist Robert Widemer who predicted the housing bubble years before it popped.  Though I do not agree with everything proposed in the book ‘Aftershock’, I find it to be incredibly accurate for what is coming; not necessarily how to fix it.

Robert Widemer prophetically predicted both the real estate and stock market collapse in his book, America’s Bubble Economy (2006). In the wake of his anticipated economic disaster, Wiedemer penned a follow-up book, Aftershock, which immediately topped Amazon’s bestseller list. Dow Jones said Wiedemer’s work “is your bible, read it, get into action, and be a winner.” Standard and Poor’s says his “track record demands our attention.”

Newsmax recently aired this gripping video, the Aftershock Survival Summit, to a private audience and the response was so overwhelming, viewers begged us to post it here so they could share it with others. WARNING: This video contains shocking truths about the real state of the economy.

Nearly one million Americans from all levels of life united together on July 14 to watch the original broadcast featuring famed economist and bestselling author, Robert Wiedemer. Wiedemer gives viewers a dire wake-up call along with practical step-by-step guidelines that ordinary Americans can follow to protect and grow their wealth, even in these tumultuous times.

By Logistics Monster


  • Right, just check the US dollar today. it seems you guys forgot that the Europeans are having their own little crisis, and look at the dollar against all emergency economies. The dollar reevaluated against all currencies except the yen. Still, we are in very bad shape.

  • What should be done to stop the waste, fraud and abuse of US govt and total control of money by the elite money masters (the fed)? All you are giving is investment advise. How do stop the corruption?

  • Edward Krohn -

    Everyone MUST understand this….
    The Communists and deconstructionists have been in control for years now. Total power and complete global control is the endgame here. This has been designed and planned for decades. The trilateral commission and the council on forien relations are pleased thier plan is comming to fruition. REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL SURVIVE. Otherwise, we will be a nation of servants wearing green shirts, pants and hats. Government in its present state MUST BE REMOVED.

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