Michelle Malkin On Washington Pointing A Gun To Our Heads

Sean Hannity interviewing Michelle Malkin about the debt ceiling thievery circus (7.27.2011). This particular video is a few days old but incredibly succinct about the tea party’s true position on the debt ceiling increase and the bi-partisan sham that is coming out of the district of criminals.

It’s bad enough that you have the entire leftist establishment and Democrat Party leadership likening the Tea Party activists, grass-roots, dedicated fiscal conservatives out there who’ve been holding both party’s feet to the fire, and then having them smeared as terrorists and hostage-takers and people who are pointing the gun to the head of America. Look, it’s Washington that has pointed a gun to the head, not just of taxpayers but of future generations. That’s what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting on principle and there are elites in Washington that would rather have us, as they have always had us do, sit down and shut up. No more!

(H/T BB)

By Logistics Monster

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