Judge Napolitano speaking to the un-Constitutionality of the ‘Super Congress’ being established by the debt ceiling rape and pillage deal now being sent to the Senate for approval. For those that do not know the details of this hidden goodie in the bill, six republicans and six democrats will form a commission to come up with $1.5 Trillion of cuts with the real congress only being allowed an up or down vote on their recommendations.  How’s that for representative government?  Still think the Tea Party and Ron Paul are the crazy extremist terrorists or that the Tenth Amendment Center’s ‘Nullification’ movement is unnecessary?  Still think there is a two party system operating the country and fighting over issues?

Tea Party grassroots members have believed for well over a week that the whole kabuki dance was cover for getting this ‘Super Congress’ established. The fall of the republic will happen when it passes the Senate as the Council of Governors and Obama’s Rural Council have already been established by executive order.  Folks, how much more concentrated does the ‘power of the people’ need to be before we just stop feeding the beast with our taxes, productivity, and ignorance?

Council Of 13 To Rule America!


Obama’s Newest Executive Order: Council Of Governors

Super Congress To Target Second Amendment

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