I have run across an amazing vid of history repeating itself, and the new revolution growing across the country started by Dr. Ron Paul and his supporters in 2007.  I urge my readers who believe in Dr. Paul’s liberty message to send this vid viral!  (H/T GulfCoastRonPaul for the excellent compilation.)

Ron Paul And The Imminent Revolution

And for all you fence-sitters, this article may even open your eyes a bit.

Black Swans of Politics: Tricks the Media Use Against Ron Paul

How far will the mainstream go in order to stem the tide of the Ron Paul Revolution? They already say it threatens to destroy the presidential primary system. Will they go as far as Glen Beck did, and group Ron Paul supporters in with terrorists? Perhaps a bombing or a mass shooting will be blamed on the anti-government Libertarian movement. A so-called “Libertarian Bomber” would be just the excuse needed to send federal troops to arrest people at Ron Paul rallies.

It all makes one wonder how accurate those polls are that place Ron at around 10%. It’s clear that the media sees his supporters as a mere factor that skew the polls away from results that are more “representative of America.” The fact is that Ron Paul does represent America. He opposes the wars, he opposes the income tax, he opposes further burdening the country with more debt, and he wants to restore sound money and end the Federal Reserve. What the media doesn’t want is for Americans to figure this out.

They want people who like Ron Paul to think he can’t win; his victories don’t matter; he’s a “fringe candidate;” only kooks support him; best to support someone else who actually stands a chance. The establishment wants to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that a Ron Paul presidency is a hopeless cause. Their plan won’t work. Once the false paradigm is shattered and the people see the truth, Ron Paul will become President of the United States, and it will be all thanks to those “Ron Paul fanatics,” the Black Swans of Politics.


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