Ron Paul: “Bankruptcy Is Here”

I am still waiting for my readers who aren’t very happy with Ron Paul to respond with the exact reasons why they do not prefer him to the rest of the GOP candidates who are running around paying lip service to his message without the thirty year commitment backing them. Monster readers have to know by now that the ponzi scheme has reached it’s zenith and we are now bracing for the downside of the rollercoaster ascent this government and the private banking cartel has taken us on for decades. Dr. Paul understands that we are done, our goose has been cooked by people who stole trillions from us and the only way to fix this is to do the reboot or continue to suffer with more federal reserve note printing and inflation.  The time to pay the piper has come…

What’s it gonna be?

Why should I make conditions worse if I am convinced that conditions will be worse, much worse, if you don’t face up to the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy is here; it’s just a matter of how we are going to pay for it, and I think that just adding more debt and permitting the congress to continue to spend is much worse than defaulting by printing money.

The Theft For Dummies:

Ron Paul to Congress: Stop Stealing from the American People (July 25, 2011)

Ron Paul’s Warning (FEBRUARY 2010):

Kona, Hawaii Tea Party APRIL 15TH, 2009
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  • I am afraid you are right. It’s BK time. Then the NWO currency. All by design.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    In my oppinion, Ron Paul is one of only a handful of real representatives….and why I have supported him for sometime now, is the fact that he has a long track record by which we can examine his credibility and consistency. And, his record is consistent. Maybe he is not flashy but I am sick of flashy, do nothing fools. I am interested in finding the real McCoy! I don’t care about age, appearance, charisma, charm, height, weight……or whether or not one can spell endoplasmic reticulum……… I just want a real person…..a patriot who loves our country…..our constitution, and is a real representative of the people of this country. I want to get back to that one nation under God where we belong.

    • The RedLemur pointed out the ‘insanity rule’ again this morning; we just keep electing the same ‘Barbie Brigade’ assclowns who look like they should be prom king and wonder why they keep screwing us.

      I believe people are in denial about how bad the situation truly is and/or they just don’t believe that Ron Paul could be the real deal. I say – look at his record. The right man with the right message and the right record (for decades) NOW.

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