Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed on July 20th, by Jay Carter of Financial Survival Radio about the re-engineering of the Soviet economy after the fall of the Berlin wall, our own economic re-engineering happening now, the central banking warfare model, and what really is happening with Social Security.  This is a 5 minute excerpt with the entire audio over at Catherine’s site,

Well, it’s blowing up in the middle class’ face, and let me talk with respect to the American middle class.  You know, for many years, we were the beneficiaries of central banking warfare model and one of the reasons was we were financing it, in other words, we were working hard and putting money in our 401(k)s and IRAs and our pension funds and basically putting money into the Social Security fund which was turning around and financing the military portion of the central banking warfare model, so we’re cash-flow plus to the military industrial complex and what happened in the mid 90’s when we instituted the WTO and adopted the Uruguay round of GATT is that is a decision was made to suck out that capital and shift it into investment elsewhere whether in emerging markets or space, and in the meantime, you know, we didn’t notice having too much fun in the housing bubble and the tech bubble and the internet stock bubble and then when the bubble was over, what we discovered was, oh, that capital had been taken and now that we were ready to retire and wanted to be net cash-flow minus to the military industrial complex, the military industrial complex said, ‘ach, you know, guess what, we’re going to cut the teachers’ benefits and public employees’ benefits and your 401(k) and IRA has dropped a few percent as and maybe we need to raise taxes and now the president is saying that Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block, and basically what they are saying is that ‘now that we’ve got your money, we are going to change the deal’.


For those that still have not watched ‘The Looting Of America’, here is the entire interview one more time.

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