New Ron Paul Ad On The Debt Ceiling Debate: “Conviction”

When a constitutional conservative has been so right for so long on so many issues (the Fed and economy included), how can Americans vote for a candidate from the ‘Barbie Brigade’ (that being Obama, Romney, Pawlenty, Perry, etc…)?  All one has to do is watch how silent the globalist owned media becomes when it comes to Ron Paul to realize how freaked out the establishment actually is.

What follows is Ron Paul’s first major campaign ad and it hammers home how badly the republican establishment has treated America over the past few decades with compromises and deals.  Enjoy, and then head over to Dr. Paul’s site to find out more about this true American statesman.


By Logistics Monster


  • But this whole thing is conditional. Ron Paul is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good about some things-but gee fellas how about that Art II problem? (Our illegal government-Obama is not Constitutionally eligible) Not so much- If ol Ron cant bring himself to raise that issue-I have no more use for him than the other clowns.

  • allahallahoxenfree -

    Good fiscal message but I fear withdrawing militarily to the extent he advocates will be an invitation to the assmaggots of the world to begin WW III

  • I follow you in most of your articles, until you start talking about RP being the answer.

  • Okay folks, please explain to me why Dr. Ron Paul and his message is NOT the course of the nation we need right now. I’m just curious what you folks are seeing that I am not. This guy wants to abolish the Fed that has devalued our money and stolen trillions from us, and bring our troops home, thereby shutting down a massive part of the military industrial complex being fed by the bankers while we are being raped by those same bankers, and restore the country to some sort of Constitutional sanity. What part of ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’, i.e. smaller government, aren’t you getting? And please don’t tell me that any of the other candidates spouting the same liberty message but with (globalist) establishment and banker backgrounds are true patriots. Let me know what you think; I am very curious to see how long the 100 years of brainwashing sticks or if ‘the popularity contest’ is still in force. Put it this way; which would be better for the country in 2012 – 4 more years of Obama or 4 years of Dr. Paul?

    On a side note, though I don’t agree with all of Video Rebel’s assertions, this article is one hell of a read:

    25 Reasons To Absolutely Despise Bankers And Their Minions

    P.S. Just open your minds folks, what does liberty mean to you and how would your life be different if you had more liberty instead of more debt, more independent thought instead of spoon-feeding of establishment candidates, more reality (alternative media) instead of more manufactured crisis’ to make you jump the right way and the right height? Just think outside the box and ask yourself the tough questions.

  • Greg of CM -

    Good ad, and I agree with everything Ron Paul is doing for our country. There seems to be so few politicians that work entirely for the benefit of the nation, instead of the best interests in getting themselves re-elected and more money in their own coffers. Ron Paul will go down in history as one of America’s true heroes, whether he wins the Presidency or not. God Bless Ron Paul.

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