As Monster readers well know, there is absolutely nothing new in the MSM when it comes to the dog and pony shows that the media and politicians have been providing for months.  Obama could murder people on the steps of the White House and nothing would happen to him so stop thinking that ‘Fast and Furious’ is going somewhere.   The republican presidential race, Bin Laden’s ‘death’, TSA and the FDA’s powergrabs, the economy, the debt ceiling dance; show, show, show, show.  It’s all a show to keep you emotionally focused on the problems they have created instead of stopping and thinking outside the box for a solution to the globalists’ drive to plunge the world into chaos (and therefore, more control).

I believe this is an excellent time to keep one eye on the show (everybody knows Boehner and Obama are going to screw us because that’s what their masters want), meanwhile, it’s time to catch up on documentaries you may not have taken the time to watch previously and get those little grey cells firing on all cylinders.  I personally know that the answer revolves around cutting off the supply of money going to the feds — just haven’t figured out a way to get enough Americans involved at the same time…..yet.

It’s the Washington Wrestling Federation. They put on this show that there are bitter rivalries, you know, villains, and they really don’t like each other, but behind closed doors they buddy up for a drink and make deals. – Gerald Celente

Both the republican and democratic parties are owned by the same global elites and on issues that matter to those global elites, they act as one. – Dr. Robert Bowman

They wrap themselves in the American flag and they’ve talked about preserving American heritage and principles, and all the while, they are working to merge us into a New World Order where our sovereignty will be destroyed, where we lose all connection with our American heritage. – G. Edward Griffin

First up, The Fall of The Republic from InfoWars and with only 2,882, 329 hits.  I think we should change that….pass it on.

Fall of the Republic

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