Alex Jones & Mike Adams On The FDA’s Implementation Of Codex Alimentarius By Stealth

The UN’s Codex Alimentarius could not be freight-trained through the congress last fall so now the FDA is implementing it by stealth using regulations that will shut down the natural nutritional supplement market but allow Big Pharma to continue to produce synthetic supplements.  This is the second step in the destruction of your ability to purchase and consume products that are good for you and your family; outlawing personal gardens and small farms was the first step.

For those that still don’t know about the UN’s Codex Alimentarius push to control all the food in the world, check out the lecture from Ian Crane at the bottom of this post.  Fascist globalists are running the world disguised as the United Nations, just like Libya isn’t a war…

Big Pharma Benefits From The Destruction Of The Nutritional Supplements Industry Via The FDA (Food Gestapo)

Mike Adams & Alex Jones: The FDA’s End Game!! 1/3

Mike Adams & Alex Jones: The FDA’s End Game!! 2/3

Mike Adams & Alex Jones: The FDA’s End Game!! 3/3

Ian Crane On Codex Alimentarius:

By Logistics Monster

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  • Practical Madman -

    Yes, we were warned. Good will always triumph over evil and corruption will always be exposed and fall. There is still time and as long as we keep our noses to the grindstone and work to expose the evil, good will triumph. The founding fathers did the impossible and defeated the world’s largest power at the time, and so will we. The fathers did not desert us. They are disappointed, yes, but their God inspired wisdom remains and we can and will triumph again. The powers that be are running scared and their power is crumbling as we expose them to the light. Their plans are faltering in the light as they can only succeed in darkness.

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