‘Remember Me’ by Lizzie Palmer

This video was made by a 19 year old girl, (has currently 29 million hits), and as you watch, please remember that an un-Constitutional British/Indonesian citizen is sending our soldiers off to die for the globalists’ agenda. Why should American families being paying the price for their one world government campaign? Is it TIME YET to shut down their little chess game and opt-out by not supplying them with cash and human fodder for their own ends?

(H/T PB for sending this video along, and yes, I cried all the way through.)

By Logistics Monster

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  • Leaping Spark -

    The best of us are being sent off to be slaughtered by the NWO under the guise of defending America, Unfortunately our enemies are both foreign and domestic. Our soldiers are sent into battle with limited rules of engagement created by our enemies and supported by their Commander and Chief.

    These rules of engagement are designed to protect our enemies while getting our loved ones killed. Until we send a message to the
    rest of the world regarding our enemies both foreign and domestic, this will be the fate of our finest.

    Troops on the ground is an outdated and ancient form of warfare that does nothing but waste human lives.

    We have the technology (for now, if Obama doesn’t give it all away to make us easier targets for our enemies)to make any of our enemies cease to exist and I’m in favour of using it when ever necessary. For every American killed, kill 10,000 of the enemy wherever they are found.

    I don’t agree with much our corrupt politicians have to say any more as they are all liars, but one said recently about wars, be in it to win it, or bring the troops home to protect our borders.

    I guess I’m getting tired of our soldiers being used for political gain and paying the price for the worthless politicians of the world.

    I believe it is time to rally behind the Don’t Tread on Me Flag and turn the countries of our enemies to parking lots.

    God bless our troops, and goddamn Obama!

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